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Indianapolis - Problems

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ho3n3r, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Regarding turn 1 at Indianapolis, the markerboards in the game is way too small:

    They force you to fully focus on them, instead of on the car in front, otherwise you'll miss them, which is really not ideal when somebody in front of you decide to brake a little earlier. And the ones on the right are even worse for this use, as you could so easily miss especially the first one.

    This is a screenshot of a 2014 lap with Rahall, and how they should look - notice how easily visible it is, because it is bigger, even in twilight conditions:[​IMG]

    From a driver's perspective, I would recommend they be made a little bigger, for safety, if possible.


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  2. I didn't even know there were any markers!?!?!?!
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  3. I found some issues on this track which really drive me crazy.
    The HDR on a morning session is awful. The sun totally blocks the view of T4, T7 (the one that's leading to the back straight), first haripin and the last corner. Since there are no brake markers there and curbs are blue I don't see the track. Turning the HDR off helps but then the DRS lights don't work.
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  4. You dont have Trackmap plugin for the DRS lights? :)
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  5. It doesn't really matter, the lights are more useful :)
  6. Never noticed that, I just brake where dark rubber begins. In the end of back straght i brake where bridge is. It almost looks like there are no brake markers at all. But yeah, it is better to make them bigger.
  7. Nehh, its ok :)
  8. It's OK if you only focus on them, but when you focus on them to find your breaking point and the guy in front of you brakes too early, it's a real buggerup.

    You must also keep in mind most of us aren't nearly at your level, so it might seem easy when you have an open track all the time, but when you're behind someone here, it's got potential for quite a few screwups.
  9. I wouldn't count on any marker changes. Regarding HDR, at morning time sun is at low angle so it would affect your driving in real life as well. If you put clock at 9 AM in Assetto Corsa you will get exactly this same glare, even worse. Anyhow, race (and FP/Q sessions) will start at later times if correctly configured, race probably at 1-2 PM, so it shouldn't be issue then.
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  10. OK Thank you JES.
  11. Where is the pit speed limiter board/line?
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  12. Great question!
  13. I'll be honest I also usually use markers as a guide to where to brake but driving this track I had little difficulty in adjusting that for that corner so should not be a problem in my view.
  14. [​IMG]

    Seriously dude. I made my post purely as a recommendation from my personal view. Some agreed, some didn't, but there was no attempt at animosity towards anyone. John-Eric gave a proper reply, and either 1 or 2PM does not matter, since the sun would be - yup, you guessed it - on the OTHER side. Thus, glare would be cancelled out in the most affected corners.

    Now you bring up politics again. Come on, relax a little and at least act like you're enjoying FSR, because deep down, I believe you do. ;)
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  15. No idea what you're referring to. According to the race tracks, we're all on the same level. Anything you see more is just an illusion. ;)

    Back on topic - great, so we will at least be able to see the corners, if not the corner markers at turn 1, but that's the lesser of the 2 evils for me.
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  16. The difference is: We "low-level hobbyists" are involved in FSR and you`re not anymore.
    So maybe you`re doing something wrong and not we?!
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  17. Race will be on August 30-31 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana State - 39º47'43.27" N 86º14'07.08" O and 218m above sea level at 1PM local time.
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  18. Race times are decided track-dependent to achieve optimal lighting for broadcast.
  19. Can't get more exact than David's post. :D

    As a driver I tested at Spa last week and did some setup but I have no issue with the change to Indianapolis and fully understand it. Anyway if you did do some setup for Spa that's no bad thing. We will still be running Spa at a later date so you can use that setup info then so you've not lost anything.
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