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Apparel Indian Helmet 1.1

Made upon request.

  1. Miles submitted a new resource:

    Indian Helmet (version 1.0) - Made upon request.

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  2. Nice,
    But i think you should have used less blue.
    As our flags main colours would be green, white and orange.
    And chakra in middle which blue.
    And also the blue is a bit to dark, looks purplish.
  3. Well Gerald Chinoy is right though it is looking brilliant. :D
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  4. You can make an alonso helmet when he was at the mclaren team o an italian helmet
  5. Its nike logo? :cautious:


  6. I'll admit the picture isn't that great, best to try it out in the game to see the whole thing!
  7. Can you add this pic in helmet as this is our national flag. :)

  8. Updated ;)
  9. Any pic for the helmet? :D

  10. Just has an indian flag below the mouth area, I'll update the pic next time I play!!!
  11. Sure bro take your time. :D
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  12. India is doing well in the cricket, but AUSTRALIA FOR THE WIN.