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Misc India Track Update 1.0

track update

  1. dejanibanez submitted a new resource:

    India TrackUpdate HD Tarmac - track update

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Looks very good on my system - thank you.
    I have joined your mod with the mod "Track Series Update - New Dheli India GP" - so I have both at the start ^ ^
  3. Thank you so much. I was wondering if and when you might do this. I have the hd pack from last year and it looked so great compared to this years tracks. I'll be looking for the rest of them. Oh, are you gonna try and put them all in 1 file when you get them all done?
  4. I have no problems if @dejanibanez wants to modify all the track updates I have made. He did it last year to great feedback, so please feel free.

    ps. maybe he should just double check with @chargingcar
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  5. no problem. i will modify all the tracks. final release will include hd tarmac, grass and gravel.
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  6. dejanibanez all track plz plz plzplzplz pLZZZZZZZ:p
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  7. Great news,loved your previous work.:cool:
  8. Great job as always! Now you're a veteran F1 201X and your mods are the best every year! Go forward like a tank! Fantastic!
  9. This is awesome. Can't wait to see all the tracks :)