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increasing brightness

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by fabioss, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. As the title would need advice from you.
    Always, in all driving games I have always noticed that the graphics are always a bit '"off", I explain you.
    You can say that in almost all driving games the light is not well reproduced, eg in the race with the weather clear and the sun never has the good effect of the blinding sun because the textures in general are always a bit 'dark.
    I also tried to install the mod "Maximum Illumination v.1.0" but with poor results.
    The most convenient solution would be to increase the brightness in the game but I just would like something more that you should be able to play as the effect of light.

    Anyone know any mod that does this?

    Up to now, perhaps the mod that comes closest to what I was looking for this:

    although in reality there is in that video F1 2010 and F1 2011. in any case also for the mod can be improved.
    I currently have installed the ENB mod ( http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/glights-enb-series.45798/ ) + Maximum Illumination v.1.0 but running in Monza for example we see a very similar effect HDR, I do not know if I give the idea. They're not the effect I want.
  2. to make you understand better what I'll post another video, unfortunately, this F1 2010.

    possible that for F1 2011 does not exist anything like that?

    in each case what is really impressive are the first 15 seconds of the first video I posted.
    Up to now I really think that is what comes closest to the realism that I understand.
  3. nobody?
  4. to make you understand what I mean, I think, even with the enb mod, when the sun seems like it's cloudy.
  5. *BUMP* I would also like some more brightness in the game on track in general.
    Any MOD that does just this ?
  6. another example of what I mean is the sky. even when the sky is cloudless always seems gray, light blue or not.
  7. I just try the mod, thanks.
    could you tell me the name of that mod?
  8. This is my conglomeration of different mods ;) like it?
  9. Hi,
    I appreciate your effort it uploading it, but would like to know what it does exactly before any copy to my game as I already run with Mr. Pibbs 2012 Update including my own Braveheart-Discovery MOD.
    Which MODS are mixed in your conglomeration ?

  10. I tried your mod but frankly I did not notice the difference compared to before so that the model could also be included are the same that I have. I have the ENB mod and Maximimum illumination mod.

    Anyway thanks for putting the link to the mod.
  11. If you mean my mod, it does not it changesanything in those mods

    I tested the ENB mod and mod Maximum illumination in different configurations and none of them give such effect as this mine, to whom I gave the link, the ENB does not look verynatural and the Maximum illumination is that if the effect of fog or blur the image in my mod is clean and crisp while the colors are bright and better contrast, etc.
  12. Sounds great then if your uploaded files, does the trick with more brightness in generel on the track with cars and environment.
    I will certainly test them tonight :)
    Who made the MOD in the first place ? as I have not seen it online on the old download section (maybe you found it on another site) ?

    cheers Peter
  13. but then your model should be replaced with Maximum Illumination mod. in short, the ENB mod installed I have to leave unless I misunderstood.
  14. @fabioss: If it´s me you are referring to, I will test the files he has uploaded only. And only them. I do not know the ENB Mod, nor the maximum Illuminator.
    I will write again when tested and if they give some more brightness as described. You can then compare that information to your setup.
    If it works here with me, you can have a problem in mixing different mods that are not compatible....
  15. I just have a lot on your old mods for F1 2011, is a pack that I put this here is my conglomeration of other similar mods.
  16. I unfortunately have F1 2011 with different mod then just a moment I should do a clean install to see how the mod that has been linked.
    if anyone has not installed any mods, while trying the mod in question, want to make a video or picture I would be grateful.
  17. indeed the effect of "fog" seems to be resolved but it seems that there is still the effect "sepia". am I wrong?
  18. I tried your mod. the sky is actually better than the other mod I try but I think there is too little effect of light and there is still a bit 'of sepia.

    I tried the TruelightsUltra mod v.2.0 Update. But the colors enhance the irritating effect remains sepia. I think this mod should be complemented by other mods that remove the sepia effect (eg the enb mod).
    let me know what you think.