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Increase Professional Difficulty

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by lm1974, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm hioping someone can help .... I'd like to make the Professional AI a little faster (not quite as quick as legend thouggh) so it sits necely between Professional and Legend.

    Does anyone know what database values I need to alter, and by what levels? (and what impact the adjustments will have?)

    Many Thanks
  2. Increase the Pro AI? Are you crazy? Do you race career with all aids on or something? No cockpit view? The Pro AI is already too fast.
  3. In case you are hoping someone will do it for you, please post your request in the request thread which you can finde here:


    In case you want to do it yourself, you should be able to find your answers here:


    Please don't mess up the mod section by posting questions; this section is purely intended to host mod releases.
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  4. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Post moved to general section instead of modding section.
  5. I suggest going to legend
  6. Legend AI is way too slow imo.

    I suggest going to Legend AI. You may be too slow, but it's gonna teach you a LOT more when you're struggling, believe me. On F1 2010, I was playing on Amateur difficulty before I decided to get fast. And then I jumped from Amateur difficulty straight to Legend difficulty. It taught me for no time. Go for it. :)
  7. Pro is hard if you race like you are supposed to. Cockpit only, full damage (and damage mod), no assists. Lets see you do well with that. No corner cutting and wall banging with t cam view. :D

  8. Cockpit view - no problem.
    Damage mod - no problem.
    Assists - I've used assists only on 2010 for a little time.

    It's easy and you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. ^^
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  9. I play with ai Pro difficulty, no assists ,Cockpit,full damage and I am about 1,5sec faster than AI in almost tracks ,Ai Legend are too fast about 1sec just in few tracks I get the same time ai legend.......
  10. I agree, and with no flashbacks and no restarts, and on 100%.
  11. Is this on PC? If so then you are a god.
  12. I started F12012 on pro with all assists off but with T-cam. In career with Torro Roso I was behind teammate on first 5 races. I was losing contact to RD league guys. So I decided last week to go to legend, because it looked like only way to compete with RD drivers.:) This tuesday I won on Canada with Lotus on Legend with Realism mod and assists off. And it was great. I will see to go to cockpit next week.
    So I suggest to go with Legend,with little more practice that +1sec will become -1sec:thumbsup:
  13. Yeah the game is on Pc , I am not A God lol. There are a lot of people out there are faster than me.I played long time with Rfactor and Rf2 in these last years that are true racing simulator maybe it's so to help me .
  14. Believe me some of the people who play this cheat a lot! Or have some amazing way to find time!!

    Was playing against a guy today at Melbourne, OK assists were on (I obviously had them off) and the guy was taking a second a split on me in equal cars, he was literally miles ahead at the end, almost to the point of his timeer meaning hardly anyone finished in real time.

    I was lapping consistently quickly, there was a Brazlian guy who was a little quicker than me, but he was warping everywhere so it might have been that. but this guy up front was crazy fast. You dont mind people being a bit quicker, but 3 or 4 seconds a lap is crazy.

    I am currently doing career on inter with the HRT, can win races at some tracks indeed am podium most of the time, tought without Kers, and you can never get close enough to use DRS! But its good fun.

    I will try next career at a higher level with a better car to see how it goes.

    Interestingly, after playing with this guy his times in the race were 5 seconds a lap slower than the quickest on the leaderborad! I think that tells you all you need to know about leaderboards in this game.

    And also, in the tiem trial section, where you set a hot lap on 6 tracks, I am currently in the top 250 overall, so cant be that shite!

    Interesting, I think...

  15. Umm.. Leaderboards .. 1st 5-6 places - definitely cheats.. But after that you can set these times. I can get into top 10 if I stay in TT mode for more than 2-3 laps.
  16. It's all rubbish. In career mode, pro AI is hard enough. I dont play multiplayer because of the stupid and childish bad losers we have. They try to ram anyone who is better than them. They cut corners and they obviously use t cam view which I refuse to do.
  17. Actually imho its just practice.
    At first i was lapping around 1:31 in Melbourne. Then using Kristian setup i managed to do 1:27, and now when i do it right i can do 1:26 on Caterham. Obviously im talking about qualifying. On the race its a little harder for me in Caterham because im not so consistent, and when im being consistent i always make some mistakes that just takes away any gap i had.
    And i like it as realistic as possible, so not only using cockpit view but with my cam mod and using the visor mod. I never use assists, but in F1 2012, well, no assists = assists on. At least for the TC, keep your tyres clean and don't input too much throttle on corners that have a level change on the track and you can't spin.
    Obviously there's a lot of things to consider. Lets say you are very consistent and have the same pace of the AI, so using a good strategy you will beat them on 100% race distance, while you may not be able to do it in a 25% race. Cars have a big difference too, while the difference may not be so big on mid-teams, you will see how fast you can be when driving for McLaren/RBR/Ferrari. So unless you are aiming to be pole position and finish first on every race while driving for Marussia/HRT in races under 50%, then Legend is not that hard. Try it and you'll see that after some races you will start getting better and better. ;)
    By the way, if you are driving for Force India, just avoid that car! :roflmao: