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Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Fabri90, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. hello guys how can I increase the fps of F1 2015? at least 60 fps
  2. What are your pc components?
    What resolution and anti-aliasing are you targeting?
    What settings are you targeting (other than 60fps)?

    We ideally need much more information before we can offer decent and specific advice. In basic terms, F1 2015 doesn't need much CPU power, but it does need a relatively and significantly more powerful GPU in both frame rate capability and memory requirements to hit max settings @ 60fps.

    I'm running a Intel i7 3770 and Asus Strix GTX 780 (neither overclocked) and can play F1 2015 at max settings @ 2560x1080p @ 60 fps with 22% CPU usage average and 80% GPU usage average (with VRAM allocation of almost 3.3Gb).
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  3. I have:
    GPU: GeForce GT 740M
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz
    Current Resolution: 1366 x 768, 59Hz
  4. I've just underclocked my CPU to be the same as yours, and turned down my GPU speed so that it is also similar to yours, and this was the result @ 1366x768 60Hz using Ultra settings but with environment quality set to low...

    Your laptop can play F1 2015 at your desired resolution and fps but only when lowering the VRAM usage - If I raised the environment quality to ultra then VRAM usage was around 3Gb, so you'll need to lower the environment quality (which I guess just means texture quality) to reduce VRAM usage to be at or lower than your available 2Gb..
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  5. Thank you ;)
    Thank you ;)
  6. Hi. I have:
    MB: Asus Maimus VIII Hero
    CPU: Intel I7 6700 @ 4.00 GHz
    Mem: DDR4 Crossair 2x4 GB - @3000 Mhz
    GPU: Gygabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming DDR5 4 Gb (GRAET GPU!!)
    No overclock.
    maximum details. AA max
    Current Resolution: 2520 x 1060, 59Hz

    My FPS are ... 60!! 1 more or 1 less
    Also OC the GPU, do not change the fps!! :(
  7. That's because the limitation is software based, as in unoptimised coding, and not hardware based. If you use hardware monitoring application you can see that sometimes the game doesn't reach the target fps but also doesn't have any hardware bottleneck - like my recent race in Australia in the wet where my fps went from 60 fps (my target) down to 45 to 50 fps, while the component that was working the hardest, my GTX 780, was only running at 75%.

    They really need to change their coding, or their company name.
  8. Why are you running 59hz on the screen resolution? Try 60hz, that's the normal setting, also are you running v-sync? If you are then running a 59-60hz refresh rate will give you a max of 59-60fps.

    If you turn v-sync off you can get much better frame rates as they wont be capped to the refresh rate of your screen.
  9. @ Jonathan: Some displays don't work well @ 60Hz so nVidia (maybe also AMD) provide a 59Hz option (which actually operates either at or very near to 60 fps, not 59 - so it's perhaps actually 59.94 fps) just to match display cycles and provide a smoother output. I think this applies to TVs more than monitors.

    As for v-sync - I've just run a few performance tests and it turns out that Codemasters' internal v-sync option not only seems to hold back GPU performance from hitting it's true potential and stopping the game from hitting the v-sync limit of fps, but it's also the reason why replays and certain cinematic scenes are capped to 30 fps. Disabling the internal v-sync obviously allows full GPU use at the cost of screen tearing, but if you force v-sync within your GPUs control panel to either On or Adaptive then it'll still perform better than before (and replays / cinematics fps will also be unlocked from the 30 fps cap).

    That said, there's still some strange optimisation issues present either way - my stormy Australia run still had performance issues such as 30-35 fps on the starting grid while the GPU was running only at ~50% even though I was nVidia v-synced to 60 fps. However after a couple of race restarts the performance fluctuated between 50 and 60 fps with the GPU then running nearer 70-80%, so whatever the problem is, there are inconsistencies present.
  10. ok, thank you all. What a pity, have super-performance systems and could not make the most :(
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  11. Had this problem every wet race since day one.