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Increase FPS 30%

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by QuadCoreMax, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    When I put my XP in standby & then, when coming back again in XP, I start Racer & I get a 30% FPS increase.

    Hope it helps...:)
  2. Very strange... Ruud should take note of this and increase always the FPS!
  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yeah, I haven't had time to try it yet.. though on my new PC I don't need it ( :D :D ). Anyone else have this... "bug"?
  4. I'd be thinking this is more hardware/driver related maybe QCM?

    Ie, Racer is mostly single core processed so a boost there might see a big gain in FPS... maybe your Windows is freeing up a core better? Or drivers for the GPU?

    I run Win7 and sleep/hibernate/restart lots and I've never seen a change in FPS like that.

    Maybe it's an XP thing only?

    Now I come to think of it, maybe I've seen it before myself when using XP... was it even mentioned on here at the time? Or RSC probably. Hmmmm... it might do it, but it's probably more to do with Win XP being weird with resources than Racer being wrong itself?!


  5. idk what's exactly happening....

    Yesterday, I started my XP without no G25 connected & I fired up Racer & the FPS was higher than what I normally get.

    Today, same with G25 connected & Racer has a bad FPS.
  6. If your gpu is a Nvidia, turning of the multithread optmization in nvidia control panel, gives you almost 50% fps improvement.
  7. Oooo, was just looking in there and the FXAA setting works in Racer.

    It costs 35pfs > 31fps in my quick test I did but it totally removed almost all the sharper edges introduced to alpha blending via alpha to coverage.

    So things like decals on cars and vegetation suddenly looked pretty damn nice...

    Certainly something I'd be running for the 'photo-mode', alongside DOF and higher res bloom map and higher GPU sampling per pixel etc :D


    The multi-thread optimisation made no difference here, it was auto already so I expect it wasn't trying to use it to begin with... though having it on or off makes no difference here (4770k i7)


  8. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Well I notice a difference in FPS if I use a controller or not. On my old PC it would be I'd maybe only get 15-20FPS instead of upto 30FPS without a G27. Not sure what it is on my new PC.
  9. I've seen a good 20-30% boost using the tweaks Stereo mentioned in another thread a while back about forcing Racer to use certain threads.

    If you just watch CPU usage in Racer it hammers just one core usually and since that core is doing everything from GPU batch prep, Racer physics, audio, controllers via DirectPlay (I assume) and everything, then the slow FPS are the end result of a blocked up CPU.

    Ideally the threads can be split and you can run like that but until Ruud makes it reliable to do so it's not really a workable solution if you want Newton or Onyx stuff to work nicely.

    It certainly would be nice to have a way to manage your own thread profile, so you had a list of all the threads in racer.ini and could assign the core number you wanted it to run on... or just an automatic load balancer that would watch a Racer session and generate ideal thread splits for you!?

    Not sure it's so trivial to actually make reliable multi-threaded code though, as I'm sure Ruud mentioned a few years back!

    I guess if you could at the very least move graphics to it's own core you'd hopefully retain a solid Racer platform for scripts/physics/audio/controls, and then the graphics can be free to run as fast as they can on another core... hmmm...?!

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  10. I went from 32 fps to 53 just by turning off threaded optimisation. Nice.
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  11. Can you give me Stereo tweaks links/tips ?
    Is it for ATI ?

    I didn't follow everything...