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Incorporating pc fans into simulator

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Miguel Gonzalez, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. As the topic says i'm looking for a way to incorporate 1-2 pc case fans into my simulator, i've seen it done where the fan speeds increase with acceleration in racing sims to provide some airflow relative to your speed on track. I saw someone do it on a youtube video but i cant seem to find it again. I've got plenty of open power connectors i can use but im looking for a way to synch it to my games. Any ideas?
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  2. Thanks Will! Yea thats pretty close to what i'm after. I'm not familiar with the X-sim software can you use it for just fan speed if you dont have a motion sim? I had actually seen a video of a kid doing it with a pc case fan on his desk and he put a playing card in it so you could hear the speed change. Looking more for something i can use spare parts i already have instead of going out and buying an AC system =P
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  3. I think thats exactly the video im looking for. Thanks Red! Gonna take a good look into this tonight and maybe order some breadboards =D I have a fully encased Formula sim so it gets pretty hot in the tub after a while, debating where to place the fans, might make a hinge system so i can point them at my chest/face depending on conditions. Thanks again guys for posting!
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