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Incompatible Game Version??

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Dan King, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just tried to get onto the Abu Dhabi 5 lap server, and "Incompatible Game version" appeared on the screen. I've tried to run the PrestoGP Updater, but I'm having no joy with that either :frown: . Am I doing something wrong? or do computers just not like me!!

    Could anybody assist please? All help will be gratefully received.....

    I thank you

  2. same problem^^
  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    same here :)

    wrong track on server?:)
  4. same here :)
  5. Same issue.
  6. Hmm... I'll check :)

    I am so forgetful... was it Abu Dhabi that only worked if we put it second in rotation after another track? Or am I mixing Abu D with another track...? Peter, you are usually my memory bank in these matters :)

    Also, it could be a steam update... I am updating steam on the server now. Then I'll open two servers, one normal and one rotation server. please try the normal first :)

    Btw, the correct track folder has the name _AbuDhabi, it consist of 1653 files, size on disk 67,8MB.

    EDIT: It seems I remembered correctly, it is Abu D that has this unique little problem, that it needs another track infront of it in the track rotation :) -> Only the Mixed server will work. If it sais Monza, join, go to chat and vote next event, and you'll get Abu D. If you have finished a race at Abu D and wish to start q again, make sure you vote next session (not next event) to avoid loading both Monza and Abu Dhabi, takes ages :)

    EDIT2: Sorry Dan, I just took the credit for your work. You see, I didn't "remember" the solution, it was Dan who just demonstrated it. :) So a thanks to you Dan for going online and testing :)
  7. So we are only unable to join Abu Dhabi when the server is set on Abu Dhabi and the server is also empty?

  8. I did next to nothing Nico....apart from click "join" twice, but thanks anyway :cool: Once again, the work falls upon you.....so thank you for resolving the issue !!
  9. No, not quite...

    Nobody can join if Abu D. is the only track hosted on that server. And in a multiple-track server, Abu D. can not be on top of the rotation list. Therefore Monza is included in the server, but the fact that Monza is on the top of the rotation list is not noticable to you :)
  10. I understand. Thanks!
  11. Why oh why has this track never been fixed for online use? still vs 0.9 tsk... Oh well, at least we have it I 'spose. :)