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Incident Report - Season 6 Race 3 Imola

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Graham Healey, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. T842 Graham Healey vs Bob Laube

    Chicane before start/finish.

    Bob Laube is following me. I get slightly wide on the entrance, which slows me down mid corner and Bob hits me. Suspension damage.

    Nobody at fault as far as I am concerned. I think Bob had enough distance if I had not made a small mistake.
  2. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    nothing to say all OK:)
  3. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    TS130.00 Contact with Alex Galyutin. My fault 100%.

    Im really sorry for the contact before T1 Alex. I drove to far to the right, hit the grass under braking, and slided left into you.
  4. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    no incidents to report

    although i had a huge amount of wides and slight cuts when my tyres started going off in both stints, i can only apologise for this.
  5. Ts 1
    Right at the start of the race. :(

    I was behind Alex. Start happened and Alex needed to lift. I was too slow reacting to this and lifted too late. I tapped Alex and then I was tapped off onto the grass fortunately. Rejoined last and then tapped Per on my way passed. Sorry Per.

    I should have gone to the right of Alex. Apologies to Alex and to everyone.
  6. No incidents ( I think )
    PC crash lap 38 or something ....
    Need kill the pc technician that change my hardware
    Cant fix the problem :/
  7. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    No incidents to report :)
  8. no incident to report!!
  9. I have 1 incident to report.
    Somewhere in my second stint (don't know the ts because the replay gets stuck after a few laps)
    I pushed Andre moufarege of the track(not on purpose ofcourse) because i thought he was leaving room on the inside to let me lap him.
    I'm very sorry for that Andre, hope i didn't ruin your race.
  10. no incidents to report ..:)
  11. No incidents to report.
  12. No incidents to report.
  13. No incidents to report.
  14. TS119 Per Andersen
    Per ascended to the front, then I had slight contact with him.

    TS220 Nicolai Nicholson
    very light contact on his wheel, but he has turned around and I waited until he passed me again. completely my fault alone!
    TS283 Anthony Moufaregge
    He was very slowest after the chicane, I ascended and was shooting it.
    I'm very sorry. Anthony

    TS843 Graham Healey
    He was very slow, unfortunately, I had light contact at the back, but we have not turned. I'm sorry Graham

    TS 3167 Tim McIver
    I was touched when lapping slightly and I spun.

    Sorry Mates
  15. No incidents to report
  16. No incidents to report
  17. No incidents to report :)
  18. TS: 137 (not reportable, no consequences)
    Nicolai vs. Nicolas
    I nudged Nicolas softly in the exit of Tamburello, but skillfully he kept control and the incident had no consequences.

    TS: 225
    Bob vs. Nicolai
    At ts184 I try to make a pass on Nicolas, going side by side with him in Variante Alta but he defends well. At Rivazza, Alex makes a skillfull move on my inside, going side by side with him until I have to give in before the exit of Rivazza (ts201). Down the s/f I am almost a second behind Alex but still try to slip stream him to quickly close the gap. As I turn in at Tamburello I am unaware of Bob making a move on my left side/inside. My rear wheel makes contact with his front wheel and I am sent into a spin (no damage to the car).

    Through Variante Bassa (ts212) Bob was right at my tail (and I think I remember noticing him in my mirrors) and entering the braking zone at the end of the s/f he was only 0,2 sec behind me. I was obviously too focused with Alex in front of me to understand what happened behind me. But it is a relatively short braking zone with a relatively high entry speed, so it is a tricky place to pass.

    I think a lap or two later in the race, when things had settled a bit more I would have been more aware of Bob and left room at Tamburello, but the stress of the first lap obviously made me less attentive than I like to be. I will try to improve this in the future though J

    It should also be noted that Bob claimed an absolute minimum of room when going on my inside. I think he did everything correct except:
    a) He didn’t manage to get far enough up my side.
    b) He didn’t consider “the early stage of the race syndrome” when trying a relatively risky move.

    I think the fault is around 75/25. Had it been a few laps later I think the blame would have been closer to 60/40.
  19. Race 3 Imola

    Jim hawley nudged me causing me to go off track and loose position

    Bob Laube hit me from behind, again loosing two positions.

    i spun on track causing andy paires to hit me. it was all my fault and andy had newhere to go. Ihope i did not cause any damage to his car.

    once again i spun off track, as i rejoined Tim hit me from behind. Sorry tim i probably should of stayed off track for you to pass.

    Andy hit me from behind entering corner causing me to go off track and hit the wall. didn't make a difference as i was last anyway.
  20. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    My Report

    TS 156:

    I spun the car causing Eliezer to take to the grass and Vinny to have to slow and swerve

    TS 230:

    I tried to pass Antony M at the senna S, we made contact, I believe I was far enough inside to claim the apex and I kept it as tight to the curb as possible, but it was probably too optimistic/agressive, Anthony would not have expected me to try to pass at that point and was correct to take his normal line, my mistake

    TS (a few laps later)

    I crashed big time, no one else involved

    Jim/Ant contact: