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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    this is what rules & regulations says about the incident reporting. In BOLD BLACK the important parts, and in BOLD RED what I have modified some seconds ago:

    Ok, so it takes us to next: There are 3 incident investigations opened in the WAR Forum and at the moment only 5 votes are casted on 2 of them, and 1 in the last one, wich is ridiculous. IF you want to keep on deciding on the incidents and using the WAR forum you should vote now.

    Team Spokesman can work diferent ways, as some represent the teams without need of asking his team members, and some needs to share and comment on his team forum. Any case poll will close tuesday after the weekend, and a decision has to be done.

    Now I expect all the team spoeskam takes good note of it.

    Thank you,
  2. Not sure how the other teams work but myself it was only last night that i posted the same polls within the bvm forum and i usually give them 2 days to vote so once the votes are in there then i will post our vote.
  3. That´s fine with me Neil. :) Each Team Spokesman can decide how to do it, but always remember polls will get closed on first Tuesday after the race.
  4. Personally i don't like the current system, as you have seen so far people just stick up for each other rather than voting on the actual incident. (It's getting like the Eurovision Song Contest where people give votes in return for oil or not going to war lol). But i guess im just use to how we operate in real life racing where you have stewards who give out the the penalties and then teams can accept it or appeal. The STC system in real life would turn into a war :p
  5. So you are basically saying you prefeere a dictatorial sentence wether is right or wrong, than a team decision wich means 90% of the time will be fair. Sorry, can´t understand it.

    I am a kart racer in real life and I have never been happy with the marshalls.
  6. Its not always fair, look at Le Mans. For a example - We got a pen for spinning out a car and in another incident someone looses a rear wing and has to pit to fix the damage but the car that caused it gets the same points pen as us. And just to point out I'm not moaning about the fact we got a pen but if we got voted for 60 secs then surely a car that gets major damage from contact with another car should get a harsher pen?
  7. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    The problem with the real life comparision is you have a group of professional stewards, thing you don't have in simracen, and further than that, you never have totally neutral stewards for hard they try.

    There are examples of this functioning in real life, such as FOTA and F1 Drivers Association, not involved in penalties but in rules for instance.

    The WAR system worked very good until now, the only things team have to do is vote and explain the vote honestly. If you make it be like Eurovision is because you want it to be, same as FSR is in other things different than penalties, with big teams pushing certain rules in their benefit, etc.

    This will never be as Eurovision as long as the majority of teams continue being honest with their voting, all the "revenge", "anger" or "weird" votes will have no effect if they are 1 or 2 from 12.

  8. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    There are different oppinons about this :)

    If you want to know my personal one, no.

    In my oppinion, if you make a bad move and spin a car, you get the penalty for that, no matter if there was a big runout and the other car had no damage or if it was Monaco and the other car went into a wall and explode. That depends on luck, and I don't think we should judge luck. A racing incident not deserving penalty can make another car to abandon the race, and one deserving penalty can have no damage in the other car.

    But that's my personal oppinion.
  9. Bump!

    GUYS there have been an incident report and only 6 votes. That could be the case of a poll deciding the tittle and only have of the guys voting. Please, TKAE CARE of it, IT IS IMPORTANT.

    Missed POLL HERE
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