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In the absence of a Racing Club Chat Thread...

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Paul Lock, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Probably the wrong place to mention this, but the chat thread has been locked in the Racing Club section.

    So, myself, Jan-Olov-Scarlett-Johansson and Bill 'Mrs Mangle' Devery were planning on some 50% Q+R informal fun at Turkey tonight at 20:00BST (current UK time) which in old money is 19:00GMT.

    If you know us and fancy coming along, please let us know here.

  2. Good thinking Paul, strange that the chat thread is gone for some reason...

    This is an invite only, casual fun & fair race and, as already stated, if you know us give us a shout in this thread.
  3. Ben Herbert

    Ben Herbert
    Next Match attending Hull(H) 16th 15.00

    Suppose it wasn't getting used much. Good luck guys, have a good one :)
  4. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I'd gladly move the thread to the Racing Club for you, which platform are guys playing on?
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  5. Cheers Tom but its just a bit of informal racing for some of the PC locals that we know, I would have put it in the Club Chat thread if it wasnt locked rather than setting up a formal club race thread for a particular platform as its not a open signup.
  6. Ah bugger just realised its Man City vs Man UTD tonight...

    Bill & Jan, I might well try and get on sooner like 7 - 7.30...
  7. Just got back from a little field trip, can prob. make it online in 30-45 minutes...
  8. Ok, no idea where Bill is. I've been on since just before 19:30 :(

    I think I've been stood up. :(
  9. Yes, but 19:30 GMT is in 15 minutes....:p
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  10. I wish you had mentioned I got it wrong in my original post mate.

    I have rushed my balls off getting home from work and woofed my dinner down to get online for what was 18.30 gmt by mistake. Got indigestion now too :(
  11. Yeah, sorry about that mate but since the original post was talking GMT I assumed that everybody was in on it. That's why I was away tonight since I was set on a late race...20:00 GMT (22:00 my time)

    I see now that you wrote 19:00 GMT in the first post, I missed to correct that misstake...sorry, my bad
  12. Thanks guys that was fun, even if we had rain in the whole race...really need to improve my wet driving skills though :rolleyes:

    Better remember to start the game with the keyboard next time, because I got the savegame bug when doing the save before exiting :p
  13. Post-it note on your controller mate ;) mine was ok.

    Enjoyed that. Was an interesting dog fight in challenging conditions.
  14. I would have joined you too, but had other plans yesterday. I raced recently in Turkey, so it would have been good racing with you guys :)
    Maybe next time if time suits me and I'll get approval from my wife :)
  15. More the merrier Kaido!
  16. Cool, we'll let you know when we have somthing planned :)
  17. Kaido, i have 'invited' you to the conversation a started a few days ago about this little race we had. You will see the little issues we had and how we hope to solve them. :)
  18. Thanks for that! :)
    And maybe some time when it all works out, I will join you too!
    Best time for me is on Thursday nights when TNC 3 has no race, because my wife is already used to see me behind the wheel these nights :)