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In pursuit of the most realistic FOV in SimRacing!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by GTSpeedster, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. GTSpeedster


    Hey guys! ;-)

    A few years ago I became sort of an enthusiast of the mathematically correct FOV for flight and racing sims.

    During this time I've been experimenting with many (most?) forms of hardware setup to try and reproduce the world in the best and most realistic way possible. From a big 60" single screen to a "Super Fov projector", to the Oculus Rift, to bigger triple screens, to triple projectors, you name it.

    And in this pursuit I believe I amassed a fairly amount of knowledge and practical experience when it comes to the pros and the cons of each setup form and why and when each could/should be used. And so I've decided that, although still in the learning process myself, perhaps it could be of some use to the community if I were to produce a series of videos explaining in a more basic way the importance of aiming for objective "realism", to properly calculate a mathematically correct FOV for a sim, a step by step run down of what I tried to accomplished with each setup form, and, of course, the need for our sim racing (or flying) equipment to try the most to reproduce or to come as close as possible to the real world application, placement, and so on.

    Granted that for many this kind of information might not make them any faster (in fact is more likely to have the opposite effect) and over time I've even seen some fast drivers believing (erroneous imho) that field of view is matter a personal preference.

    And this is where sort of a dilemma appears - and you enter the story!

    Do you guys think that this sort of information still is relevant at this point or has it already been properly covered? And if this videos were really to happen what particular areas of interest pertaining realism would you rather watch being explored?

    Opinions, ideas or critics are most welcome!

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  2. popojan


    Hello Conan,

    I have tried mathematically correct FOV in Assetto Corsa according to a Steam guide and I could not drive at all. Well, I use a single small 23" screen, that's it. So I doubled the value (it is still quite "zoomed" compared to the default) and race happily after. Moreover I drive from a bonnet view to have a decent sense of speed. Is it a sin? I miss the detailed cockpits very much but the sense of speed is even more important to me.

    I am looking forward to hearing about other people's setups.
    Thank you for the video.
  3. ouvert


    I`m single (and will be) screener .. so for me there is always compromise between corect FOV and loose of pheripheral vision+sense of speed .. correct proportions, curve shapes, elevations, distances are more important for me .. years ago it took me only few laps to settle with correct FOV and since than I can`t drive any other way .. so 23" screen, 33 FOV and i`m happy panda .. my situational awardness is not suffering or at least not causing any problems and most sims have reasonable sense of speed I get used to ...

    Driving in bonet view (in sims with crazy high FOV on it (AC) ) is not usable for me, but it is not sin to use it, sin is that FOV setup for every camera (or at least unified cockpit and bonet view) is not standard feature in every sim ..