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In need of some guidance

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Yannick Van Broeck, May 29, 2015.

  1. Yannick Van Broeck

    Yannick Van Broeck
    Premium Member

    Hi folks,

    After watching tonights livestream of the Clio cup it got a bit itchy and I too want to be driving in a race that's being broadcasted ;) I've just bought rFactor 2 and now I'm a little curious on what mods I should be downloading and what leagues are popular over here. At first glance rFactor isn't that 'easy' to set up right and theres a whole lot of information but I don't see which part of information/mod is relevant or not.

    Anyone who could help me out here? An Endurance (similar like WEC) would be awesome, but open wheeler or smaller touring cars are fun as well! :p
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  2. i would sign up & subscribe to ISI forums first thing, lots of good info there when ppl arent nattering at each other :D

    re the WEC, there is a mod (technically 2, although one isnt quite out yet) that has the full grip, but the catch is its a pay mod. pretty cheap, its by URD who are very legit as far modelling goes (literally professional level, have done cars for kunos & SMS), you can look it up & read about it lots of places. there are also free mods of the audi r18 TDI, porsche 919, oreca, & a blancpain gt3 mod w/ a large grid as well as a gt3 mod by apex with a smaller # of cars, but i would presume (dont know for sure) a little more TLC with each...

    tracks...well for F1-grade tracks, there are a couple track packs, i think right now i would recommend using racerfactor as they seem to be the most hi-fidelity in terms of visuals. there are really only a few very nice looking mod tracks (imo, ISI standard or even better) -- sebring, putnam, poznan, mid ohio, & the fantasy track that came w/ the celica GTO mod are the only ones immediately coming to mind immediately. you can go the forum & ask for 'starter pack' suggestions, or search as its probably been done before.

    there arent a lot of great mod cars; for open wheel cars id suggest formula ASR, these are great, hi-fi free mods of variouis (so far) 90s F1 cars, great sounds; like URD i find these cars less punishing than ISI content tends to be.
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  3. Take your pick of car and there will be someone, somewhere that races it. Biggest problem is whether anyone is racing the car you want to race at the time you want to race. Get to know a couple of cars and all the ISI tracks to where you're comfortable and then go online. Doesn't matter if you're slow, just be predictable and race cleanly.

    USA evenings are probably the second worst time slots and Australian mornings the worst(?), yet there's usually a group of 6-10 people racing on some open server. Weekends are pretty busy nearly around the clock.
  4. Yannick Van Broeck

    Yannick Van Broeck
    Premium Member

    I just found what looks like an awesome open-wheel competition in Formula Sim-Racing. Downloaded the mod and the track they race on next weekend, just to get a feel for the car. I lose traction a whole lot of the time so i'll definitely need to practice some more :D Also, with a flatspot my g27 shakes like hell, i put ffb smoothing to 15 because else it shakes my bloody wheel apart.
  5. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

    the FSR mod is for hardcore simmers. ;)

    IMO: Start with the ISI content have a little fun with it. http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/rf2dl/

    little trick.
    - Put some AI on track and press "ctrl-x" to accelerate time.
    - Wait 5min or watch an AI drive around.
    - You'll see some "rubber" build up in the corners appearing.
    - Press "ctrl-x" again to turn off the time acceleration and go on track.

    another tip:

    Press "ctrl-f": it will show your fps in the right upper corner.
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  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    The wheel rattling, its a design feature of RF2 that kerbs## and flat spots cause a vibration.
    The G27 has plastic bearings that dont like the high frequency feedback. The adjustment is "FFB smoothing" increase this. There is no way to turn off flat spotting, get your brake settings nice (force, distribution), get tyres warmed well before braking hard and drive well!!! Its the only way to not flat spot. (rememeber Nico Rosberg at Sochi). ABS will help a lot of course.
    ## Edit, there is a setting in player or controller (not sure which) json file that lets you adjust how much of a bump you get from kerbs.

    Car wise, a few thoughts:
    Open wheelers:
    Skip Barber is a great trainer, gives (more) amazing feel now since the update.
    BTW watch the Skip Barber video on Youtube called "Going Faster". Its about 90min. HERE What works in real cars works in RF2. You could do worse things than say 200 laps of Limerock in the skippy. You will find skills that you will use everywhere else.
    Watch the Video again (all the way through this time;))

    Dallara DW12 Fast , fun, pretty easy. Great car if you are getting a bit fed up and just want a blast. Default set up is very under-steery so it nukes the front tyres. Make sure you pick the right aero package and make sure any AI do as well by clicking "force setup". Otherwise they will arrive at Suzuka with an Indycar aero pack.

    FR 3.5 2014 spec. IMO you are getting into proper cars here, its fast, bit more demanding good feel. Again set correct aero pack , its (rear wing only) locked once you are in the pit garage.

    Formula ISI. Fast and demanding on set up and driving style. It will take quite a few laps to come up to speed. The FSR car is that car with slight changes. The main stuff is the same (power, weight). There is amongst other things a little less dirty air effect and the brakes will take higher temps.
    The teams that you see on FSR will often have 3-5 guys working on set ups on this car.

    Formula 2 (modern). I'm not a fan, not much feel and caster is locked so you cant increase it to get more feel in the steering.

    The ASR 1992 cars (my preference is the 1.81 version). They are great.
    Historic Formula cars Most are awesome, huge feel, great fun. Brabham was updated recently.
    Howstens: Great fun, great feel, need patience and a subtle throttle.

    Tin Tops: Great Cars
    Spec Miata, Huge feel from this little car.
    Ferrari 458 Challenge Same and limited set up options. Rewards good driving.
    Blancpain Endurance Series (BES 1.0). I love the 911 GT3, VERY authentic. The rest are great too. the 911 GT3 is bugged on some tracks and hits hidden bumps. If you are at one of those change cars.
    The ISI GT cars Camaro, Vette, Nissan GTR GT1:inlove:

    There are set ups to many of these cars HERE
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  7. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Oh and if you like the FR 3.5 and want to join a great league look no further than the Presto GP racing in the club and league section here.
    60 min races
    Top set ups are posted for all to use
    Friendly and welcoming culture in the paddock.
    The top drivers are FSR World Championship standard.
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  8. Simon Hulbert

    Simon Hulbert
    Premium Member

    Looking for some guidance here too please.

    I've got lots of great stuff installed, tracks, cars - but I can't see any series. Everything is just listed under all cars and tracks.

    Is this right?
  9. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

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  10. Yannick Van Broeck

    Yannick Van Broeck
    Premium Member

    Thank you all for your wonderful responses :)

    I like to jump in at the deep end and see if I can stay afloat but that Formula ISI car seems to be quite a bit more than I can chew. I have the traction control and abs settings on low; I hear the TC working when I get back on the throttle but I lose the rear very VERY often. I'm sure I'll master it over time but right now it's too much. (Even have the on-throttle differential setting at max with max preload)

    I'm gonna be doing a lot of learning with the Skippy and the Formula 3.5 at the start I think
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  11. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

    :), a single seater fan? Not the easiest cars to start with. :whistling:

    Skippy's have a off throttle oversteer. You'll notice it when you'll try them. ;)
    "detaching" the rear arm helps and lowering the rear helps to to stabiles the car a bit more.
    But controlling this off throttle oversteer is the fastest way a round a track.
    The skippy is very responsive to setup changes. So play around with settings.


    Try the Skip Barber National, with R1 slick tyres. To get to the National car with R1 slick tyres you have to choose the national car in the upgrades section ==> click on the tuning box at the bottom of the car selection screen.

    The new DW12 Indycar is also a blast.

    Something with a hard-top and a single seater/downforce feeling: The ISI Megane. (download)
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  12. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Yannick, since you are a premium memebr you are able to join in any Club Races.
    Its a good way of getting your feet wet. Gijs and Daiman are always throwing some great combos of car and track at the club schedule. Its a good way to try a lot of stuff.
    Someone will always throw you a set up on the server and you can chase the other guys.
    Pace doesnt matter, just clean driving and fun.
    One day you will be 2 laps down and then it will be 1 lap and then a couple of sectors.
    Have fun.

    BTW with the F ISI most drivers have the throttle response set at about 65%. That way the partial throttle settings are more gentle. The car has too much power to floor it till you are in higher gears and have some aero load. Feed on throttle as you wind off lock (with lock getting wound off a bit faster than throttle is wound on.
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