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In-depth review from the perspective of a sim racer

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Justin, May 12, 2015.

  1. Justin

    #1 overuser of the :P emoticon

    I recently have written a review of this game that is designed for many of us here: people who play a lot of other sim racing games. It is really in-depth compared to most typical reviews, covering multiple sections in great detail. A few of you may not agree on the verdict, but hopefully it informs some sim racers who may still be on the fence about buying this game about just how it compares to other sims out there in multiple areas. :)


    Any feedback would be appreciated, good or bad. :)
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  2. Great review, well written and pretty spot on in my subjective opinion.

    This bit really sums it up for me:

    "Well I will say it is by no means a bad game. It is better than a lot of other racing games out there and it is still worthy of a purchase for me personally. It's an enormous upgrade on Slightly Mad's prior work on the NFS Shift games, but it sadly falls well short of the revelation GTR2 was to sims nearly a decade ago now by basically the same developers.
    Tempering expectations and avoiding the overhype of certain people (mostly WMD members with heavy investment into the game wanting to profit as much as possible by making the game seem better than life) is what is needed here. Project Cars is no revolution to the PC sim scene and is merely another strong player in the console sim market. Nothing more, nothing less."
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  3. Great review, i read it all, by far the best and most accurate review ive read about the game.
    Maybe its because i pretty much agreed with everything you said that makes it a great review to me, others with a different opinion might not think so.
    Thanks for sharing.
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  4. Great review, spot on for me. High point was the comparison with other titles in different aspects.
    As for the sounds, i have a issue with the backfire, it sounds like the car is bottoming out :O_o:. Don't know if backfire sound is close to real life in AC, but sounds awesome :)
  5. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    (mostly WMD members with heavy investment into the game wanting to profit as much as possible by making the game seem better than life)

    my fav part lol
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  6. Yep - spot on. Congrats on a very indepth and well thought piece.

    Your review is much more indepth than the one I did - A Racer Worth Parking in Your Gaming Library - but we concur on where Project Cars stands on the racing game grid. It's between arcade and sim and definitely on the right side of the bell curve towards sim.

    Great job!

    PS - I love the version of Brand Hatch, Project Cars has.
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  7. Between arcade and sim..............hmmm........arcadeSim ? But with a curve towards sim.......hmmm ..SimCade. ;) :)
    I think we could all agree with that, not that it's a bad thing when it comes to racing fun.
  8. He's too harsh.
    Nothing seems good enough to him.
    In short, he's expecting one thing they make ...something different. Now he's pissed.
    What a thought. :thumbsup::thumbsup::alien:
    What if it is !? :cautious:

    Guess we'll never know.
    Until Mark Webber, Nick Heidfeld or Paul di Resta, say, become members here.

    I've always found funny these fine members who, guess, doesn't have enough arguments,
    anything smart (or why not both) to say but that little click is just one ...click away. :thumbsup:
    I've never use that no-brainer "disagree" icon. Why not explain my point of view ?
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  9. Andrej Svajger

    Andrej Svajger
    Premium Member

    Well, i can understand the title is not to your liking (and you want everyone to know this) but this argument is so idiotic, that it should be banned. Yes, you read it, idiotic and banned. Cause you know, red bold letters make everyone easy to find their argument, however bad it is. Do you know how many of the WMD members invested huge amounts of money and now hidden from public count Dollars (or Euros) being poured into their wallets? If you think that any (ok, some might have, but majority for sure didn't) of WMD members ever thought about it, man, you can ask yourself a lot of questions about yourself, cause you're saying us what you would do, not what we did. We all wanted this game to succeed cause we need good racing games. One more is always better than only the hard hard hard core simracers alone. And if people enjoy playing it for the fun of it, is that so bad? If rFactor2 is too hardcore and iRacing is too expensive and AC just isn't done yet (but i like it), why we should not have an alternative? If you don't like it, move to the next one or explain what's wrong with it. Just repeating the mantra bad, bad, bad, awful, ...... helps whom? I like it and i'm proud to say that, even if you think that i don't understand anything about the physics or racing or ..... But i understand what fun is and that's what matters. It's not even a week since pCars came out and there's more written about it than it was about any other racing game so far. Who knows, maybe you guys are also WMD members that count on the saying that even the worst advertisement makes people interested in the subject of the argument. And you're counting money on your bank account grow by every word you write. What a cunning plan, Baldrick would add.
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  10. I think the review is well written. There are some assumptions used as facts in the review which are not correct, but it's still well written.
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  11. Say anything negative about this game at all, even if its constructive criticism and the WMD members will come out of the woodwork to defend the game.
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  12. Andrej Svajger

    Andrej Svajger
    Premium Member

    I'm not arguing with the review or the arguments in the review as long as the argument stands.
  13. The game is good but has its flaws like many games, I just get irritated with the people that choose to defend and ignore the problems as if this game was delivered to all of us by God himself. Constructive criticism is a good thing and if the developers care about their product and the customers, they'll continue to listen and work hard to patch up the holes in the game.
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  14. Andrej Svajger

    Andrej Svajger
    Premium Member

    Mr BlkOut is saying i'm (with full name) in a woodwork, while he (with his name hidden) is defending the right to free speech? Is that what you're saying? Give me some arguments and we, the almighty WMD members, counting $ and €, will try to prove you wrong. If on the other hand you're right, i have no problem saying you're right. In the end, we're arguing over last year's snow instead of doing what we all enjoy and that's racing.
  15. Andrej Svajger

    Andrej Svajger
    Premium Member

    You've nailed it here, thanks for this post. If anyone says, game has no flaws, he never played it.
  16. Please learn to paragraph Andrej...........:whistling:;):thumbsup:
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  17. What?
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  18. DayGlow

    Hired Goon Premium Member

    Isn't that what a discussion is? Or do you just want confirmation of your own opinion to feel better?
  19. I'm not hiding from anything. Just stating my opinion. You are free to disagree.

    Say what? 15 posts since 2009 and you chose to use one of them right here to quote me? WMD member are you? :whistling: