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in "Classes" what is the purpose of a Reiza number

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by jjaycee1, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Having had a recent problem solved here regarding "classes" in the veh files clashing thus enabling various cars appearing on track instead of the original cars (e.g Minin having VW Beetles appearing) I want to know what the importance is of the Reiza number which appears in the veh file under "Classes" and can the be removed so that there is never a conflict?(see attachment)
    Also why do some mods have a drivers name in the "Description" section instead of the mod name. e.g in DTM 2013 veh file as shown in the attachment it shows #05 Eduardo Mortara" instead of DTM 2013. I ask because if I want to set a default ReelFeel setting it needs to be DTM (if I enter only that under the "description" heading and not the drivers name otherwise reelfeel seems to set a different setting than my own.

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  2. Hi, I can help a little. The reiza class, i.e, in your case, 'reiza1', determines which RFM to load the cars into. So, most go to reiza3 or 4, being mini (3rd in scroll menu) or camaro (4th in scroll menu) sections. BUT. Easily change this by adding your own rfm and a tga (loading screen) so your cars, e.g, DTM 2013 have their own section in the game like V8 stocks do compared to F1 classics for example. You can use text crawler to edit your veh files in one or two clicks.

    Essentially, you could also leave the rfm for reiza1, and add another line for sub-category, but in a championship, it might still select other classes, whereas single race will not (possibally, i've had differing results depending on mod). Talent files can be a name of driver or team name or car number itself, hence the description (but you might want to get that fact-checked).

    Actually, I have already tweaked this very issue myself for quite a few mods, and can dropbox the relevent files. I have the ETCC79, Touring masters, DTM 2013, GT1 GT500, Sports Prototypes Historic GT and more all with their own rfms/tga thanks to the following link.

    Follow these steps > http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/howto-create-your-own-rfm-mod-section-in-game.89267/

    Examples for DTM changes I made, and rFM

    Team="Sport Team Rosberg"
    Driver="Eduardo Mortara"
    Description="#05 Eduardo Mortara"
    Classes="reiza56, DTM_2013" [< I added reiza56 as a new rfm] I could tell DTM to also show up in another car class buy adding the relevent reiza rfm number here, i.e, reiza4 (camaro, seeing as camaro is the 4th car class in the in-game menu).

    FullTeamName="Sport Team Rosberg"

    Category="DTM 2013, Audi RS5 DTM" [< here I can add sub-category]


    2) From the rfm; (''<<'' only the sections needed to change, your scene order/points etc is your own choice)

    // Game/Season Info:
    Mod Name = DTM 2013 <<
    Track Filter = StockV8
    Vehicle Filter = OR: Reiza56 <<
    SafetyCar = Mini_SC.veh

    // Seasons: DTM 2013 <<

    Season = DTM 2013 <<
    FullSeasonName = DTM 2013 <<
    BaseCreditMult = 0.0
    MinExperience = 0
    EntryFee = 0
    Vehicle Filter = |Reiza56 <<
    Max Opponents = 23




    Also, for authenticity, add you own tracks from DTM 2013 calender or whatever by copy/paste the track name found in the .gdb [gamedata/locations/</circuit choice>/<layout>/.gdb. Copy first line at very top of gdb and put into scene ordr in your rfm. (use notepad + +.)

    I hope some of this helped. ? I am just a fan and learning from all the pro's around here :)
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  3. Thank you so much Rixamus, that was extremely comprehensive assistance and advice. I will see what I can do based on your input.
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  4. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    What exactly is the pitgroup in the .veh file for? Can it be used twice in different brands of cars for the same classes? Is it limited to the number of pitboxes available? Could you clarify this parameter, it would be of great help. Thanks in advance.
  5. Excellent. I've made some talent files for DTM 2013. I used the driver stats from Stock V8 drivers and randomised them to the DTM drivers I can send them to you if like.

    For Marco, the pitgroup determines which box to put the team in, if it's duplicated, then another team/car will try to spawn into the same garage, to which the game will most likely crash. IF they are different classes and not race together, you can use the same pitbox number, but, if they race together, then no you have to give them a different number.
  6. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    Thx! :)
    So when making a new skin for a car, together with a new number, I'll have to look, besides the available free numbers, to the free pitbox numbers.
  7. P.S - It's two cars to a pit group. Just thought i'd mention.
  8. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    OK, clear
  9. Maybe exhange your new cars/numbers and move them around? So if you have a new car numbered 07, the original 07 car could be moved to the end and you have his pitbox. There are normally 32 garage spaces I THINK, not 100% sure. Some tracks have less box numbers due to size, *some tracks have less pit boxes, not sure by name actually .
  10. @Rixamus.. I would like the talent files you kindly offer. PM me with them. Thanks
  11. Sent. Any requests from users for DTM_2013 Talents, i'll send them to you. I also included my TGA and rFm for you to use if you wanted DTM in its own section. Oh and the Veh files with new reiza class (reiza56) for good measure. Happy days :)
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  12. @Rixamus... received your files thanks. I note that the veh files under "desription" show the drivers names. As I spent along time changing the description to the first 5 letters of the car model so that ReelFeel automatically sets up the preferred setting for DTM, I have not installed those veh files. Do you not use realfeel as the mod came with a text file for Realfeel. When I did not change the veh files, everytime I played DTM Realfeel entered a completely different setting for the cars based on the drivers name and not the model. I now have the Realfeel setting under DTM and then the models.
  13. No, I took the stock files and just made the smallest of changes to get the DTM into their own rFm, i don't know what reelfeel you'd have, but I added the lines to my reelfel plug in as normal. You add it for each single car?
  14. Yes I have for some mods that seem to have their Realfeel settings change. I am new to GSC and in particular to Realfeel and was told in this forum that realfeel takes its quide from the "description" line in the veh file. In my attachment below you will see that I changed the veh file in V8 Supercars mod so that Realfeel sees the "description" as the first five letters of the car and not the driver name that was originally in there. When it was driver name GSC/Realfeel would set it to what looked like some default setting, but it did not match the setting shown in the attachment. I may be completely wrong as I said i am new to this, but I do know that now when I run the V8 mod the feel is as I have set it. If you have this mod I can send you the veh files if you want. Again if you have this mod, run it and see in the realfeel ini what the setting was when you ran the mod. It will not be the same as the settings I have. A matter of choice I guess and what wheel you have and how you like the feel of the wheel etc. I have the DFGT. Let me know.

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  15. Ohhh I follow you now. Yes, please send those files. I didn't know you could do that, I suggest you make a thread with that little information in, could really help others explore their simmin' :D We've learned a lot in these little discussions.
  16. OK I will send but give me a bit of time as I need to sort them out. I realise that if I had changed the "description" in the veh files just to "V8sup" I would only need one entry with that heading in Realfeel, but the way I did it does allow you modify for each car model if you want.
  17. Done 7zip file but have no idea how to get it to you !
  18. I will do my own files as you have, i'll do it as a project for learning :) .
  19. OK good luck !