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In a dilemma of F1 mods!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by NVIDIAGeek, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. I've bought my copy of rFactor. The first and the foremost mod that I want is an awesome F1 mod. I've come across F1 2007 MMG & CTDP06 mod. Which one to select? Which has better graphics, textures & physics? Please help me! :question:
  2. I think both are at the top of the best F1 mods for Rfactor it depends on your own choice what will be your favorite.
    Try FSONE as well i think thats the better mod for Rfactor because its the last one released. For me Fsone and MMG are the best :)
  3. MMG is probably the most 'professional' mod, but is a little old now of course.
  4. ^I'm downloadin' FSONE2008 Mod, is it awesome?
  5. Personal opinion: I love it
  6. Dont forget F1 88 if you like classic F1
  7. Dazor f1 mod is also good
  8. 79 f1 mod works fine also.
  9. But not legal.