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Improving the forum

Discussion in 'Racer' started by KS95, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Hello, I've already asked for some help in the Off-Topic thread but I haven't got any replies yet.. so here goes! :tongue:

    I'd like some people to help out for the benefit of the game and new members. There are a lot of threads being posted asking the same things, usually regarding out-of-date cars and tracks, not knowing how to update them or why they won't work. I think we need a few things to help these problems, and I need some people to help out.

    I've already started on a FAQ, and thanks to all those who have helped out so far, but we need some more help (I'm no expert!) to fill it up. Anyone who can add new questions or answers, point out mistakes or submit additions is welcome to do so, I'll do my best to update it when I can :)

    Second of all, I think we could use a list of compatible cars and tracks for the latest versions (090 basically). This is a bit easier, it just takes time to create a list with links.

    The other thing I think is important is something to help users update older content. Most of the time to get the older cars/tracks working it just requires new shaders and new sky (in tracks). It needs to be explained how to do this and the more updates for older content the better.

    Perhaps if we have enough members participating we can work in teams. I'd greatly appreciate any help you can offer, it'd be great to see this community expand.

    And ofcourse any suggestions and ideas are welcome.

    Thanks, KS95.
  2. I'll look over my notes on fixes and post them. Some have .jpg images which we aren't allowed to post as we once were so the notes will have to be as 7-Zip files.
  3. I did that cg tutorial AAAAAAGES ago...not sure if it's still relevant, but time depending I'd be happy to make one that basically shows people how to update an old car to use CG shaders.

    Uh...nevermind. Seems Stereo did it a few hours before I posted that heh.
  4. Here is an old RSC page of FAQ's that I found. You can use it as a guide for 0.0833. I'll look for more notes.

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  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Cheers boomer :)