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Improving the brake pedal (GTeye)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Adria Perez, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. I saw this, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with that?

    I race with a G27 wheel and pedals and I find very hard to brake properly. I actually use the visual pedal indicators in the middle of the screen so I can visually check how much braking input I give because I am very inconsistent in that regard. Moreover I find very hard to heel&toe while applying a constant brake pedal (but that is probably poor technique in my side).

    Currently I don't have a proper rig (neither I have space for it) so every time I sit on the wheel I am in a slightly different position, and I think that might be the root of the problem.

    Do you think that with a progressive resistance on the pedal brake I will find easier (and more enjoyable) to drive? Should I go all the way up ($$) to get load cell modifications (see this)? Or screw the money for the education of my kids and get a new set of load cell pedals (this, or even this)?

    However I would like to keep my investment under 50 euros...

    Edit: Sorry for posting it in Assetto Corsa section (I guess I am too focused in that game), thanks for moving it.
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  2. Although I don't have experience with the gteye mod, I do have the nixim brake mod which is comparable.

    I had the same doubts as you between a progressive spring and a way more expensive load cell mod but just to try it out I decided to go for the spring.

    In my opinion you shouldn't hesitate and just buy the spring. It is relatively cheap and has made an amazing amount of difference to the braking feel. You will no longer base your braking on distance but almost completely on feel/pressure which made my driving much more consistent and reduced braking distance.

    Especially is you want to keep costs low you can't go wrong with a mod like these.
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  3. +1 on this, go for it, quite a difference from the stock non-progressive spring.
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  4. Braking is all about consistency and feel. A progressive spring does a good job of letting you know how much brake pressure you're applying. A load cell does the same thing but in a different way. Both are much more effective than a linear spring.
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  5. Thank you all lads!

    I just ordered it. For 20 EUR, it is hard I will regret this..

    Here is a review (including installation instructions) for anyone else who wants more info.

  6. Ordered one of these a couple of days ago, hope it makes a difference, although to be fair all the reviews I've seen are good.
  7. So after a couple of months with the GTEye here are my thoughts.

    + It is a noticeable improvement that allows you to have a bit more control when braking.
    + Cheap
    + Easy to install (despite some cables might be a bit annoying when you have to put everything back)

    + (That might be a pro for some other people) It is a much harder spring. I don't have my chair hard mounted and for cars that you need to floor the brake (GT3s, for instance) I tend to apply a bit less pressure than the ideal because it doesn't feel right (and because my rig consists of an office chair with wheels kept in position with 2 door stoppers). For more sensitive cars (KTM, Formula Abarth, etc.) I have no problem with that.
  8. I had that problem, what I did is to build a very simple pedal stand, secure the pedals to it, then pass one of those bands for luggage connecting the pedals and the chair post:

    The stand I made out of the ultra cheap IKEA minitables (6 eur, I believe). Basically just pass a few big screws through matching the holes in the pedal base. Then if you want to add extra tilt you can also screw one leg to the board (parallel, not perpendicular!)

    The important thing is that the pedals are connected to the chair through the belt. You can press as har as you want and you will not slide back, even without wheel brakes. However, you may twist the chair, so it is not perfect.

    (But for about 10 eur and 30 min of assembly, totally worth it).
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  9. fitted mine yesterday BIG improvement as far as i'm concerned.
    Well worth the dosh :)
  10. Not to discourage anyone but after 6 months of thorough use on a daily basis, during which I have been more than satisfied with the mod, it broke today.

    I should think that I have been putting it through its paces just as much as any other sim racer would (heel-toe, left foot brake) and not with any murderous intent as such

    Now that I am so used to this, it sucks that I have to go back to the stock spring, so I have to order one more today...So I figured this time around I will give the nixim mod a go and hopefully that would last more than 6 months
  11. 6 months??
    Surely the guarantee should cover that?
  12. The description on the well known auction site I purchased mine from states the following:

    Manufactured in AUSTRALIA, with over 10 years spring design experience.

    • Improve pedal feel with a proportional increase in firmness.
    • Simulates a real brake pedal.
    • Improve your lap consistancy when compared to an unmodified pedal.
    • Safe and maintenance free.
    • Works without the need to hardmount the pedals.
    • Still comfortable with barefoot use.
    • Quality EDP Coated High Gloss Surface Finish
    Can't argue with that really can you?
  13. Did the spring break?! It must be fabrication defect, from looking at my G27 I would bet every other part (especially the plastic cylinders) should die 10 times and the spring would still stand..
  14. Yes, warranty is covered and I am pretty sure if I raise the issue they would send a replacement. In fact even when I had ordered the product it did not arrive at first, and they immediately dispatched a second one. They were cordial all throughout, certainly would rate their customer service 5 stars. I want to reiterate that I am not bashing the product (this would be clear from my earlier post). It is quite conceivable that I got a rare defective piece or I was handling it roughly. I just mentioned that as nixim is also an option I might give it a go

    Also, as it so happens, I had ordered the product late december of last year, so the product has lasted more than 10 months and not 6 as I have earlier mentioned