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Improving from Fast to Very Fast - Tips please!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ho3n3r, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. I've gotten to the stage where my driving style is pretty much giving me every tenth it can, and I feel I have nothing to improve on. But then there are other dudes, same as me (2 arms, 2 legs, you know, the usual stuff) going 2 to 3 seconds faster than me, with the same setup. There is a few on the FSR circuit in particular who I've practiced with.

    Now I need to know, is there any particular things I can practice or focus on that can help me catch up to these guys? I am sure I have the talent, but I feel that there are some things I am missing out on, some advanced driving techniques or strategies, and/or things I should be focusing on which I am not doing at the moment - in other words, logical reasons why I, and indeed so many of us, are lagging behind.

    A year or so ago I would've been happy to be within 6 seconds a lap from these guys, but since I've become very comfortable without assists, I need to go next level to satisfy my own hunger.

    Thanks for any advice guys ;)
  2. i got the same situation here but the trick is to actually be fearless on both throttle and steering as those are key to having a faster time
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  3. which cars are we talking about? because any car/setup requires a different driving style. but to go fast learn the track learn the braking marks and then see how deep you can go into a corner. if u struggle to pull up the car use the engine by over revving and going down the gears or brake earlier then hammer the throttle on the exit to get a good clean drive off the corner typically most fast aliens like their setups to be a bit loose to get around the corner easier. use all the track run over the curves and just smash the crap out of the car to get a good lap time but there is always one rule i remember be really smooth and you will be fast be aggressive and the chances are you are going to make a mistake. when you learn the track learn the grooves aswell as for an example sandown the 2nd last and last corner before kink in the main straight if u go faster into the 2nd last corner your making your entry to the last corner tider and more slower which u will be less faster on the straight but if you sacrifice you entry into the 2nd last corner then u will squaring up the next corner to get drive off which u will be much faster down the straight. learn the setup of the car and how it drives learn each adjustment you make so if the car isnt responding then you will know what to adjust.

    i've been in rfactor for about two and a half years the first ever time i driven i was like 2, 3 seconds of the fastest cars and now im probaly one of them from practice, practice and practice.
  4. F1/Open wheelers, mostly.

    That's the thing, setup does not play a role here. We use the same setup, and they are 1 to 2 seconds faster than me. When I try any harder, I spin. I usually give them a good go in a long race with much fuel, but pure hotlap pace is lacking.

    I also already do those basics you talk about - I am pretty fast, the advice I need really only needs to get me from fast to alien. Surely there must be advanced driving techniques not many know about, or some things you can work on that aren't obvious.
  5. Practice makes perfect :)
    If you keep racing in FSR for example you will get faster. It might not happen inmediately, but from my experience you get faster when you race more.. Even if it is not by much, eventually you will be as fast as them, you just have to put alot of effort in. I have raced with you, you are plenty fast enough to get there :)
    Hope it helps!
  6. Dewald Nel

    All you need is practice! I wasn't the quickest when I started in a league... now I'm only .062 - .200 off the fastest.