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Improving FPS

Discussion in 'Racer' started by exoticcar2009, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    In Racer, I average between 20-30 frames per second (which is horrible!)

    Is there any tips on how to improve that?
  2. What cars/tracks are you using, and what version?

    LOD'ing and draw distance are worth looking at!

    Also, what resolution are you running?

  3. For Example: Ferrari F430 Scuderia @ Anarchy Road.

    I run 1024X768 on Racer 0.7.3
  4. For Example: Ferrari F430 Scuderia @ Anarchy Road.

    I run 1024X768 on Racer 0.7.3
  5. System specs available at all?

    What is your draw distance set at?


  6. HP A1530E Custom:

    2GB Memory, 250 GB Hard Drive, Athlon 64 3500+ (2.2 GHz / 2000MT/s); 512KB L2 cache, Graphics: nVidia GeForce 7300LE

    And my draw distance?
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I'm surprised that you're only getting that amount of FPS with that graphics card, but I suppose it is getting on in age now.

    By draw distance, he means the distance in which objects begin to appear, basically. Check your graphics settings in the menu, it shows it there.

    I reckon you need to update your graphics card. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a good modern graphics card. Mine's a Geforce GT210, cheap as ****! Gets pretty good FPS and runs like a charm, even on Linux.

    Edit:..it's a laptop, isn't it? xD

    Edit2: Thank god, it isn't (thanks google!)
  8. I have the same graphics card and with my Fury at Polish Roads I get about 40fps!
  9. Racer is very sensitive to content.

    If the content is poor then FPS can suffer badly.

    What does a modest car/track like the Lambo on Carlswood run like?

  10. Tweak your ini.. :) Use an ordinary editor and play with the values.
    I can send you my ini, but it might not help you much. It is optimized
    towards my settings.
  11. @LuThoBu: I am running a crappy dell, it is like made in 2003. shared sound/video card.....which .ini do I tweak? davidiau had given me some tips. My best is 25fps-sporadically on Carlswood, using my Bullitt Mustang. I wonder how to "level off" my fps. It lags and such off and on. My real frame rate is closer to 10-15, and I wondered how to boost it?
  12. The tweaking is done in the file racer.ini - it is a plain text file, and the syntax is very simple. You can enable/disable features there, adjust texture sizes, update rates, just about everything in Racer. It is a matter of trial and error though, and it is impossible to produce a "one for all" racer.ini since no-one has the same hardware configuration. Tweaking it is now (for me) turning into an art-form and a sport.. how much can I tweak without loosing a smooth gameplay.. heh.. good luck in your tweaking, and please PM me if you need help.. or post here if preferred.
  13. Thanks LuThoBu, I know that it can be frustrating-well tweaking an .ini is frustrating from time to time. So I'll fiddle and fart with it. I noticed that there was a newer than new version of Racer, but my system being so old-I am afraid to D/L it. But I would like the new physics.....to make my cars handle better,etc.
    But if I run into any troubles, I'll PM you (if its really embarrassing-lol!).
  14. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Have a go Cobra, there's a no-cg .exe with it. I run it CG but my graphics card can't handle the shadows :(
  15. So KS95 you think I should download the new version?

    I did tweak my racer .ini, and got a bit of an improvement. I got in some cases 27fps, and it held it for a few seconds. For me that was bliss...lol!
  16. @cobra: I think you should try.. since it is nocg it is supposed to run even on low end machines. The FPS is greatly improved, the physics is better, lighting is better. There are bugs, but then again there always will be (I do not believe in completely bugfree software - it's utopia) - and if you are unable to run it, well, at least you have tried, and if you can.. well.. then all is well and even better.

    Thanks for the PM. I'll send some screenies so you know what I mean.
  17. Can someone send me a tweaked ini please?
  18. Tweaked for what? If you look at the release thread I have posted a link to a "basic"
    (minimal) setting that should work for most nocg users, but there is no guarantee.