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Improve Qualifying speed of AI vehicles

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by gcx, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. gcx


    Does anyone know if it is possible to increase the speed of the AIs in qualifying?
    I've applied True AI 1.4 and the Catalunya fix and I now find that the AI's speed in race mode is satisfactory (Legend difficulty on a Ferrari), meaning that I have to battle for the podium. But in qualifying, I find that I can beat them for the pole too easily. If they'd go at least 0.5 a lap faster in qualifying, that'd be perfect for me.

  2. Super AI makes them qual much faster but to date and to my knowledge is the only mod that does that (dynamic ai mod doesnt work for me so cant test it).
  3. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Try a quali mod that was in a post in the slow corner fix mod. Look around the pages from 40-60
  4. gcx


    Thanks for the help guys, but I haven't been able to find anything yet. I looked in the "slow corner fix" thread, but I couldn't find it.
    I forgot to mention that I am using the slow corner fix as well, which probably explains why the AIs are slightly faster in race mode.
  5. Have you tried this? http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2010-mods/46649-download-database-2010s-records.html

    Someone modified the "database.bin" file to make the AI drivers closer to their real world 2010 stats. I only have two full race weekends under my belt using this file, but so far (knock on wood) I am seeing reasonable practice, qualifying and racing times with it.
  6. gcx


    Hmm, no I haven't tried it, but from reading the description, I understand that it is just a stat db. Are you sure that it actually changes the behavior of the AIs?
  7. Oh sorry this mod will NOT change the behavior of the AI on the track during qualifying.

    I assume it only gives them somewhat realistic lap times in practice, qualifying and the races.
  8. If you are constantly out qualifying them, start in expert mode with all aids off in the Lotus. Then slow down on every lap a few seconds. They will out qual you then.
  9. gcx


    Hey I could also not play the game and imagine it in my head, but it's not as fun.
  10. gcx


    Oh well I don't really care about their behavior on the track (I know it's fake anyway), what I want is them to go faster in laptime so it might be worth checking out, thanks!
  11. Assuming you are not already qualifying on the "Legends" AI difficulty level you can always try to bump up the AI difficulty level and then set it back down to a level you are comfortable with in the races. I practice/qualify and race on the "Legends" AI level, with fuel sim turned "on" for practice and qualifying. But I race with fuel sim turned "off" as it seems like too much of a handicap in the 100% length races I do. I know this is not your original question, but it is about trying to find a good balance for each of us to make the game fun to play. Far from perfect for me, but still something I can tolerate.

    Also ... I know it is a pain in the rear end, but you could swap AI mods. Use one to qualify with and the other to race with.
  12. gcx


    I'm already playing on Legends difficulty, with the slow corner fix as well, otherwise they would be way too slow. The problems lies in that they seem to be faster in race mode compared to qualifying. I can easily get the pole in Melbourne doing a 1:24.5 while they do low 1:26.xxx, but it's closer in the race as I can't seem to manage building a gap.

    I tried using the tools to convert the .xml files and see if there was some kind of factor somewhere that controls the speed of the AIs in qualifying, but I couldn't find anything. I'm sure that somebody has found it somewhere.
    I remember editing AI performance files as far as when Geoff Crammond's F1GP1 and IndyCar Racing 1 were the reference, but it seemed easier in that time...
  13. I can believe it. I have seen similar results. You can always lift off on a straight in qualifying if you don't want to be on the pole all the time. I know it is dorky, but short of finding an actual fix not sure what else to say. I re-started my career (again for the umpteenth time) and have gone back to driving in the crappy HRT cars. So finishing on pole is not an issue for me. haha
  14. gcx


  15. gcx


    The fix by _DI indicated by Ryder25 is looking pretty good. I only did one practice session, but it's promising.
    I tried it in Turkey.
    First try with the old database.bin, I finished in the session 1st, with the modified file, I finished 3rd.
    Session 1
    Me 1:27.3
    Closest AI (Vettel) 1:28.1
    Session 2
    Me 1:26.3 (looks like I was more motivated)
    Closest AI (Vettel) 1:26.1

    Again, in a Ferrari, with no aids on Legend AI strength, with True AI 1.4, Slow Corner Fix and this new patch by _DI.
    Thanks all!