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Importing Track from Max to rF.

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by verbii, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Ok so I have created a very basic track by following freew67 tutorials and various other posts of various forums and (i Think!) am now ready to try and get it into rFactor.

    I have the "Test1" sample files already in my locations but don't really know how to set up GMT converter or how to use it.

    In this vid:
    he selects the box and clicks 'get selected' however the box is one item my track has tracks/infield/outfield(is that a word :p)/xsectors so do I select them all and click 'get selected' or one at a time or...?

    The 'GMT Output' section in the Converter does that need to point to the Test1 file or somewhere else?

    Where does the quicks scene need to point to, do I need to use it?

    Also I have watched a couple of tutorials (for different things) when they click on MAXScript and the Utilities dropdown they have a 'conver to [some rfactor filetype]' can't remember which filetype or which tutorial it was on, I currently don't have an option to do that, do I need it? Have I missed a plug-in/script?

    If anyone can help or point me to a comprehensive tutorial of how to set up and use the GMT Converter it would be appreciated.

    Once the track is exported to the rF format does it refer to the same textures as you are using in Max or does it generate dds files within the track folder?

  2. Anyone guys, help would be appreciated.