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Importing circuits into BTB

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi, as I supose (know, for sure) the BTB can not import circuits made from other persons, does anybody know where to find classic circuits, like Spa, Spain, Silverstone ...., in "BTB project format"

    Any help would be apreciated

    Thank you, regards
  2. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Google "zaxxon method". I know absolutely nothing about it, but from my understanding, using this method means that you can import a track into BTB. It would take A LOT of work though. Maybe someone else more knowledgeable can help you regarding this method. I can do a lot of things in BTB/rFactor but this is one thing I'm not familiar with.
  3. ok, thanks, I will search about
  4. In a related question, I'm wondering - perhaps the same thing - I have this track in the works where I got an additional kart track sent to me in BTB format. (In real life it's adjacent to the main track.) Is it possible to import this as a separate track and then add it to the main track?
    I guess it'd be possible to do it afterwards in 3Dsimed, but if possible I'd rather do it in advance.
  5. @Raido, you can half do it, if you make an aiw line for it and extract (i think the entry is) wp_pos=() from the aiw file. It wouldn't be too hard to write a batch file to do it (remember rf is xzy). (Alternatively you can export xyz data from simed) then import the xyz into btb. But that will only bring the track path in, the terrain, track width and objects would have to be redone.
  6. Thanks for the advice Mianiak (GrandMaster of the Sim Modding Tutorials :cool: ). Uh, sounds like it'd be only a 'quarter of a solution' though. If I traced the kart tracks' outline from a Gugle Earf picture and then simply made a track outta that, guess I'd have more of a base to work with - easier to expand too. Should be doable from the stuff I already got, though.

    (Begs a question though: if I didn't made it as a separate track, but just a mini track adjacent to the main track, I guess I couldn't give it AI to drive? - Since you'd get two AI files... - Whereas if I made it as a totally separate track and put that into the track's main folder, it would be raceable, but not actually adjacent to the main track?)
  7. Just make 2 separate projects, but work it so they join together. Set 2 sub folders in the one main folder for the track, put your mas files in the main folder copy the data from each scn into the other minus the timing gates. SO you have 2 layouts of the one track, one layout is the cart, the other is the main track.

    [ED] You will have to rename the track and terrain meshs for one of the tracks
  8. Race07 works by first-in bases. The first match on file of required type is found, it loads that and ignores duplicates that may come later. So by making sure that folder order is correct (.TRK in R07) you should be able to use same filenames in different folders. Don't know if it's applicable to rFactor but if it's last-in, then the folder structure is simply reversed.