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IMPORTANT - Last minute stuff for all that is to participate in the league

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. My main task now is to organise everyone that is joining us this season and also making sure that every single driver takes the safety aspect seriously. The most important tool to acheive this is a line of communication. Without the exact numbers in front of me, I know that about half our drivers managed to send an e-mail to the Race Director. This means the other half does not read the forum, have trouble understanding english or does not care. In either case it is a problem!

    Drivers that have raced with us for several seasons and proven themself safe will get a free pass this time, this means they'll be allowed in the Spa race even though they didn't send any e-mail.

    Drivers that have not proven themself in the past and has not sent an email to the race director are out.

    Drivers that have not done a decent time displayed at PrestoGP.com are out.

    So, tonight after work I will go through all the data and remove those drivers who have not managed to do what is asked.

    Also, after looking at the start of the practice race there are a couple of drivers that worries me. This includes Cor van der Burg who seem to cause accidents in every single race he participates in. If you do not face your accidents and admit that you did something wrong then I do not understand how you'll ever improve. You make the most amazing videos, thank you very much for that, but we also need you to be safe in the races. You need to send an email to the Race Director and explain that you made a big mistake at the start of lap 3 in the practice race and convince the Race Director that this will not happen in the race at Wednesday.

    I also remember seeing that good old Bob Laube made a dangerous start that was the main reason for the chaos in Eau Rouge at the first lap.

    Patrick Rewell is another guy who makes me feel nervous about the safety in Wednesdays race.

    There will be more info in this thread when I get home from work, and there might be a couple of more people that need to convince the Race Director that they'll be safe in the race.

    A new rule for the season is that one stupid mistake that does not get handled perfectly by the guy causing it (appolegies, mail to Race Director where he explained what went wrong/how he'll avoid this in the future, i.e. Race Report) will be out of the league.

    I do not enjoy being strict, naming names in public etc. but I am afraid it is greatly needed to get more disipline in the league untill things are back to normal. Please do not take direct criticism personally! :)

    Happy safe racing!

    The following racers are atm admitted to the league:

    01 Nicolai Nicholson - Team Norway
    02 Dinca Andrei -
    Water Blue Raceing
    03 Coen Mulder - Team Flying Dutchman Racing (FDR)
    04 Jakob de Boer - Team Flying Dutchman Racing (FDR)

    05 David Turnbull - Team Weegie
    06 Valerio Vinassa - Team Italy
    07 Alex Galyutin - Team Russia
    08 Dmirty Silentov - Team Russia

    09 Peter Marshall - Aqua Vista Racing
    10 Mark Sørensen - Aqua Vista Racing
    11 Anthony Ishak - Aqua Vista Racing
    12 Bob Laube - Team Germany
    13 Nicolas Rouge - Team France

    14 Reik Major - Burning Rubber Motorsport (BRM)
    15 Per Andersen - Team Norway
    16 Janek Grabowski - Aqua Vista Racing
    17 Vincenzo Cavaliere - Vince Racing
    18 Valter Ostman - Team Sweden
    19 Kurt Kjellin - Team Sweden
    20 Frans Linden - Team Flying Dutchman Racing (FDR)
    21 Tim McIver - Aqua Vista Racing
    22 Robin Östlund - Team Sweden
    23 Jim Hawley - Rockstar Energy Racing
    24 Andy Paries - Rockstar Energy Racing
    25 Graham Healey -
    26 Dan Asbury - Water blue racing - might be sacrifised if only 1 division
    27 Joe Isaac - Aqua Vista Racing
    28 Werner van Aswegen - Midfield Racing
    29 Eliezer Bartik - Team Israel
    30 Cor van der Burg
    - Team Flying Dutchman Racing (FDR)
    31 Patric Rewell -

    The following are still not admitted:
    Mattia Gottardi - Needs to do a time - might be sacrifised if only 1 division
    Stuart Hendry - Haven't done a time at Presto GP - Needs to send e-mail
    Maxim Pautov - His time at PrestoGP is old and poor - Needs to send e-mail
    Tom Watts - His time at PrestoGP is old and poor - Needs to send e-mail
    Anthony Moufarrege - Needs to send e-mail
  2. ...
  3. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    Thanks for considering me, Nico. If I don't get in, I hope it's okay to join as a reserve driver. Like, if you don't get all 25 for the Spa round, I'll be ready and willing to step in.
  4. And thank you for your excellent approach to all this :)

    I'll shoot from the hip and say that I am at least 80% certain that you'll be racing Spa :) And the reserve driver thing, if it ends up with only 1 division then we'll have a solution like that. There are always drivers absent throughout a season. I know at least 2 guys from the list with 26 names above that will not make it tomorrow.
  5. I am excited to be participating in the league. I cannot find where the details are for the race tomorrow. Time of start, sessions, length pitstops etc. Please help me.
  6. Tonight you, along with the other guys that have sent an email to the race director, will receive all the information. most of what you are asking is however already known:

    Server will open at 7pm UK-time
    Qualify will start at 8pm UK-time
    Warmup will start at 8:26pm UK-time
    Race will start at 8:32pm UK-time

    There will be 33 laps, which means you will be doing at least (and probably no more than) 1 pit stop. Remember to turn Auto-pitstop off, because this does not work at Spa and it will effectivly end your race when you pit.

    The fact that you do not know how many laps we are doing probably means you are in need of some stint practice to get used to the feel of the race trim, tyre wear etc. Join in tonight on some valuable practice!
  7. Ah... sorry about the email Nicolai. I totally forgot about this but only because it was a practise race. This in itself isn't an excuse but I just mean to say that it wasn't out of ill will.

    As you've pointed out I haven't been on the server much since last season. Considering my crash record this is not a good start, especially with Spa proving a very tricky and small mistakes cause massive crashes.

    I will do some longer runs today and see how it goes. If I feel that I'm not up for the challenge I'll give it a miss and rather concentrate on the next race. I feel this is only fair to those guys who have put in the time.
  8. ...and if everybody has such an attitude to racing and safety we are going to have one hell of a season :) Thanks a lot Werner for your sensible mind!
  9. I have sent a mail to you.......
  10. Vielen Dank!
  11. I have sent the over due email to the Stig... I mean Race Director.
  12. lol, at least we are able to keep the secret identity :ups:

    and just to clear a missunderstanding, the mail to the RD was not a race report from the practice race, but had to do with this from the sign-up thread:

  13. I'm doing really well today aren't I.... Well at least the race director has an email from me regardless of the content. It is still the same address as last season right?
  14. Indeedio! (yes)
  15. ehehhe sry nicolai for be late but i will not race tomorrow in any case... we started harvest here at my home so i'm a lot busy and can't prepare me very well for that race (at least i'm not really very well prepare for race against division 1 guys.....i think that i am enough safely on track, only 13 dnf, wich somes were due disconnections, on over 100 races, but for sure i didn't almost any training and for sure i'm not so fast),

    than i saw that we aren't a lot sign up, so i was thinking that there isn't any reason for doing 2 server and 2 division (with a 80% of attendance of the actual sign ups we reach 28 drivers and i know that is really hard go over the 80% and usually during the season that number will also decrease, like i saw last year where we have 20 drivers on grid only in the first 2 events and after that we were only 16 while the sign ups were 25.....),so imho i think that is better keep only a division with a full server (with the top 25 drivers in speed safety and behaviour on the track), instead 2 servers with half grid and also half fun and also problems during the season for lack of drivers and interest (the 1 div means also less works for the admins :D).....
    another things is that this year i will be engaged in other championships, so i will run here only for fun (so a div2 was what i was thinking to join, but for the things that i said above i think that is better don't start a div2, this is always my opinion).....
    so i was thinking to sign out, or just put me in the limbo/reserve list and let my place to guys that have time and that do effort for be safe and competitive on the track...

    sry if tonight my post is not very well written (i'm still tired :p) but i hope that is at least understandable :p and i hope that you can understand my point of view...i prefer sacrifice my place and let you guys run a full div1, instead have 2 division with not full grid and with the problems that i said above in my post)!!! ;)
  16. There will be two divisions either way Mattia, so i'm sure you can join either way, I know you are a safe driver.
  17. The Race Director asked me to relay this information (as he doesn't have an account at Race Department):

  18. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I dont know if is the right thread but guys:

    ...............:f1: ...........GOOD SEASON AT ALL...........:rally:...............

    and after all togheter:party: :wink:
  19. I cannot find the race server password for Division 2

    I have been to the Garage at PrestoGP.

    There was a password there earlier - but it is gone now.

    I says I am participating in Season 4 Division 2 and that Qualifying at Spa starts in 50 min.

    Earlier when there was a password it said I was participating in Season 4 Division 2 and that Nurbyring was the next event.

  20. I don't see the password too. I think everything will be ok in couple of minutes...