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import terrain from max to add s-objects problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by fredfred, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Hey,

    Im trying to import terrain made in max to BTB. Im trying to do this so i can add telephone poles and wires etc then re-import those new objects back into max.

    I can import a model no problems, problem is, when its in BTB i cannot add objects and s-objects on the model surface, any ideas?
  2. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Because your importing to BTB as an object or objects and not as BTB Ground (which has the "placing objects on" setting).

    To place objects onto an object you have to place it onto BTB road or terrain - unselect "Rests on ground" and then move it, using the "Y" key to lift.
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  3. Excellent workaround!

    How do u import a model as BTB Ground?

    Thx ebrich !
  4. ebrich

    Premium Member

    There lies the problem. You cannot. As far as I know!

    The workaround, for me, is to make terrain and track in BTB. If changes need to be made, in another software try to keep the elevation as close as possible to the BTB original so that objects, placed in BTB, are not floating or sinking.

    I usually end up with 2 in game tracks. One, export from BTB, and one, BTB plus Imported changes from other software plus a whole load of files - from - to - original - changed!! In fact it all revolves more round a filing system than the complications of Blender or 3Ds max!
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  5. Bummer ! Thanks for the tips man !