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Import rFactor track in to BTB

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Bigbird, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I am trying out BTB, but still a compleet noob.
    Looking in all 49 pages in this forum for an answer but not able to find it.

    Is it possible to import existing rFactor tracks into BTB.
    If yes --> How?

    Why do i want this?
    I am a member of a small clan playing rFactor.
    We are curently having a time chalange on a server.
    Most tracks are ok to use but some have cutting/cheating opertunity's.
    I would like to be able to modify the track a bit with some wall's or tyre's.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Sadly it isn't possilble.
  3. Damn, you can create new tracks and save them to run in rFactor but there's now way to turn it around?
  4. When you save your track to BTB and then export it to rfactor you can still open the save file from BTB.

    When you export the track for the second time, you just need to make sure you tick the box to let it overwrite the previous track.
  5. That's right. Don't forget BTB is solely a track builder. It's for people to make their own new tracks, so importing existing tracks is irrelevant to it's purpose.
  6. It's purpose is as clear and relevant for me.
    Were having a time challange on different tracks.
    We did find out that on some tracks it is possible to cut corners or cheat in a other way.
    Example: Oran Park Lidar.
    If you come to the last corner to start finish you could ( even with damage on) drive your car into the wall.
    That way using this curved wall to go faster trough the corner.
    By putting in some tyre walls infront of it you could prevent this.

    That's the main reason i would like this to work.
  7. Bingo, me to. I am working on a project that was given up on for time reasons by another gentleman. The track is awesome but is about 80% complete and I just don't have the 3D Max program or expertise, and BTB would fit the bill perfectly. That is why.
  8. Bigbird, you wont be able to edit Oran Park Lidar anyway, the gmt's are encrypted.

    However, it is possible to add something to any track by simply making the objects and adding them to the .scn. The hard part is making them all line up properly.
    In saying that, be careful what you modify and what you hand out, it's best to get permission from the person who built the track before you make any changes.
  9. idea

    i am thinking aboat this to!
    and i came up with an idea, bad or not idont know!
    (dont know if it will work i hawe not test this yet but tecnatly it sould work) :confused:

    1st open the track want to edit, open it with 3dsimed then export your track to .3DS file and all textures to .dds files...

    then open xpacker in BTB and create a new xpack and then use the .3DS file we created and the .dds files to create the new giant object (in this case the whole track) then just open your xpack in BTB and start edit:)

    but as i say not sure if it will work, but it is worth a test! :rolleyes:
  10. BTB probably couldn't export it - too many polygons in one object. However i guess someone may try it :wink:
  11. it didnt work i tried it.....
  12. You can export the coordinates of the track from 3dSimEd. You'll have to play around with how points you import into BTB, but it's a start. You can export all the individual objects from 3DSimEd as .3ds and their textures and make an X-Pack out of them. The biggest hurdle will be recreating the terrain and getting all the cambers set correctly
  13. I use 3dsimed to save the terrain and track as an object minus all the other stuff. then i make a giant oval with max track width in btb lol , then i place the object track on top of it.... it works very well for things like adding new trees and such to a track for private use of course.. the tricky part is getting it to line up without too much of a hassle... im still working on the easiest way for that.