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import btb pro track to btb evo

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by bilbo, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. hello
    can we import btb pro track to btb evo ?

    for it , i copy "my projects" (pro) to "my projects" (evo ) but when i open track in btb evo , i have a crash : can't find venue.bin

    how can i do it ?

  2. nobody?
  3. Yes, you can import it. Is the venue.bin file in the right place in the Evo Projects folder?

    Try this: In Evo, go to View/Options, then point your 'Projects Folder' to your BTBPro projects folder. If it opens ok from there, then there is something wrong with the copy. [Remember to set the Projects folder back to Evo afterwards!]
  4. thx chub
    but nothing wrong with the copy . then point my 'Projects Folder' to my BTBPro projects folder : error for all btb track : can't find venue.bin !!
    when i see in btb pro folder/my projets/"track" : just venue.xml , i haven't venue.bin for all btb pro track . (venue.bin just for btbevo ??)
  5. Ah, then you're using an older version of BTBPro. I think it was that introduced venue.bin instead of venue.xml

    BTBEvo can't load the old venue.xml files, that's why you get the error. See the BTB website for how to update BTBPro and convert your venue.xmls to venue.bin files.
  6. ok thx for hepl