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Imperial speedo', Rendering issue, Rev. issue, & "driver pov" (8.32)

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by Christopher Junkins, May 19, 2011.

  1. Ok... I've got the latest beta, and have incurred a few problems.

    I can't find an option for changing the kph speedometer to an imperial mph speedometer.
    I also can not figure out how to get the driver's perspective. I had it once before but can't get it. Pressing C just gets me various outer views.
    I also seem to, every now and then (especially on the first run of the day) seem to get this weird glitch where the car (default lambo) won't rev up more than 3,000... and thus I can't get out of 1st gear really (I can switch but it doesn't help).
    I also have a rendering issue with some of the tracks, where the road and background (tree borders n such) go white/very transparent or something, and give the "infinite black hole" effect of just repeating the edge of what surrounds a few times before dieing off into the "infinity"... the one track I have this on atm is the "The River" track from the XR site. Other maps can work just fine, lol.
    I also had a glitch recently where it wouldn't load any of the tracks/cars in standard racer.exe, had to go to the no_cg version, but inexplicably it's now working lol... no updates, just started working.

    Any of this solved by going to a previous version?
  2. - changing the speedo from kph to mph depends if it's angular or digital. In both cases it's in views.ini in the car folder. If it's digital, you just need to change the multiplier from ~3.6 (m/s to km/h) to 2.237 (m/s to mph). If it's analog, you would need to edit the background image to show miles per hour instead of km/h.
    - Number keys change camera views, different cars use different keys for interior views though.
    - Try F5 to toggle traction control maybe. It can sometimes be a limit.
    - Rendering issues are due to shader problems or older tracks - the skybox format has changed slightly and so can have problems in the most recent one if the track's not up to date.
    - Sometimes if you check QLOG.txt, you can find error messages that explain why tracks/cars don't load.
  3. In other words, as I'm reading on a few other thread's I've recently started... I've got to read the documentation... oi. I was hoping not to have to delve into the inner workings of the sim just to do some light racing. I mean, I want to get more into this than what other games (shift for example) can give me, but dang, I have to learn a whole lingo and structure just to get this sim going lol... and yet it's the only one that really is out there that is free and this good... man, I hate that sims are really just getting going in the free market.