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Tracks Imola 2.1

Imola for GSCEx

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  1. hey, ive just got a gaming pc and have instantly got GSC 2013 to start my sim racing life and I've downloaded some other mods to add to the games contents with grate success but recently i have had some troubles mainly with tracks, i install them correctly (i think) and when i enter the game and to go on track i get stuck on the loading screen. no matter how many times i re-install it wont boot the track. this happens on your mod. any advice on what the problem may be. thanks :)
  2. Does your locations/shared folder contain only 3 files? If not, delete everything and launch gscsync.exe
  3. my locations folder has all the tracks in and each track has about 2/3 Microsoft access files in, some have a TDF file in and there is always a folder with track pictures and stuff in. I'll make some screen shots now.
  4. the one on the left is the location folder open. the top right is Thruxton track mod i can open in game. the screen shot on the bottom right is the folder with track pitcures and stuff in :)

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  5. I did a mistake Adam, sorry. Gamedata/Shared
  6. oh ok its cool. That's what my shared looks like is that ok?

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  7. No, it is not ok. Erase everything and do a gscsync.
    Or keep coreshaders.mas and your two files from 17/03/2014, it is the same thing
  8. worked fine thanks
  9. When racing against AIs I noticed some erratic movements of the AIs on this track (moving left/right/left/right, random braking). Also some of them crash into the wall on the right near the finish. It seems like an AIW problem to me. Can this be fixed please?
  10. Here, is alittle thing you can try.... Goto you xxx.plr file and open it in notepad. Look for the line: Autocalibrate AI Mode="0" Change it to 1 and save. Then play a test session with only one ai. make sure fuel use, tire wear. etc are off. Then let the ai run the course until it finished.....Cntrl_T and it will finish faster...when its done it will save its learned file. Sometimes this works....sometimes not. But its worth a shot:thumbsup: Hope it helps ;)
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