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Image of DVD not working

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dutch De Jong, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. I made an Image from my F1-2010 DVD with Deamon Tools Lite so could run it without the risk of damaging my official disk, but now when i try to start f1-2010 with the image mounted it wont work, it sais that i must use the original CD/DVD instead of the backup.

    Did i forget anything, or do something wrong?
  2. You need to mask it (hide it) I don't know if Daemon come's with a masking tool or not but you can download them from most virtual drive oriented site's.
  3. Why don't you just use a the No DVD exe?
  4. I think he went down the route of making his own image and wants to run that. In order to do so cloaking software must be used but either is good, just so long as you own the original of course, I don't advocate the non ownership of an original dvd/cd of the game.
  5. Neither do I. But I do believe in the freedom to not have to have your paid for disk in the drive.
  6. Yeah me too that's why I do it I am a jewel case hoarder and like my disk's to remain pristine but just installing mark's them :mad:
  7. Why would you want to make a dvd image? could you just do a duplicate dvd burn? if he even has an official copy that is, I know how easy they can be to get :)
  8. Its down to performance in some games an image of the disk on the drive amount's to a smoother running game and shorter loading time's, just making a copy puts you back in the same boat as having a disk in, It is down to the disk being accessed during gameplay to check that it is still a game and running :D which can cause game stutter.
  9. Use alcohol 120 .. but best use no-dvd exe..
  10. I challenge you to list me a PC game that accesses the DVD/CD during gameplay? I have never seen the drive being accessed due to the fact it is installed. I obviously do see it being checked at start-up, but that does not slow down any gameplay. The no dvd exe is the best method.
  11. agreed, some games will probably load vids from the dvd ... but the most games out there will check at startup..
  12. okay, well i found the problem, i need to mask the image, only i cant do that with deamon tools LITE, gotta have deamon tools pro :S

    I DO have an official copy, i can show a picture if u want.

    1 question: is Alcohol 120 freeware? and can i mask images with it?
  13. Guys this thread is on thin ice, let's keep it on the right side of legal ;)
  14. Ryan we are legal :D
    Dutch question answer to both is yes
  15. Okay...but next time before you challenge someone make sure you know what your on about.


    Mafia 2 - Reads disc during certain parts of the game.
    Pro Evolution 2011 - As above
    Call Of Duty Black Ops - again as above

    Thats just three im betting if I had played more then I would find more to asdd to that list.
  16. Now my question is HOW, do i mask it with alcohol 120
  17. A.C.I.D it should be in the start menu with 120. Andy I beg to differ I have a few game's that access the disk during gameplay with no reason to do so, my S.T.A.L.K.E.R game's do and it causes stutter and in the middle of a pack of snork's it is not a good time for it to happen. So I mount a disk image and no stutter because it does not have the delay of starting and reading the disk a few game's do it and no reason to other than check for validity.
  18. In all honesty its not illegal to use cracks if you own the game, however most people who use cracks dont actually own a copy.
  19. To the amatuer doubters, there is not one game I own right now that needs the disk in the drive. OK Jason? Find out for yourself if you don't understand. I buy all my games. Never pirated one in my life, but I'll be damned if I am going to put my precious disk in everytime.
    ps, never mounted a disk image either.
  20. You don't need a disk that is the point exe's work just the same we just choose to use a mounted image and not a full one either :D Just so we are clear on that. Both do the same job just different flavour's, you are correct no modern day game need's to access it's disk, but they do, that is a fact but do not need to (security) hence the reason's for exe and image's, that scene got hijacked and demonised when it started as people wanting pristine disk's as they were damn expensive and crap quality :D