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Im newb License example/help!

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Karl Tanel Lukken, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Hello Im new and I need advise how to pay license.
    Theres example for team manager but do I have to really send my money before my team manager and then him pay for me or I can pay my self to FSR?
    So if I`d liked to buy 3-Race-Licence: (6€) and I have allready team
    Then I gonna write in paypal (add special instructions to the seller)
    Driver:Karl Tanel Lukken
    Team name: 05Motorsport/05F1(dunno atm mby its gonna be third 05 team but im gonna ask before my manager)
    Manager: Steve Davis

    If Im wrong then please make for me correct exampel because I`d liked to pay licens today
    Thank You!
    Karl Tanel.
  2. Hey Karl,

    you can pay directly, yourself.
    The information on our "register" page is slightly outdated...before the season start we indeed requested teams and drivers to send their payments altogether, to make it a bit easier for us.
  3. So my example is Fine?
    And can u accept my account on FSR GPO`s site
  4. Hi Karl,

    yes, and yes. :)