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I'm impressed Forza Motorsports 6...

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 6' started by ill1320, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. I'm impressed at how smooth the game runs and looks visually, quick menus and very detailed visuals. Here is a short cinematic video I produced and edited please take a second to check it out and give me some feed back.
    mod-edit: you can post your videos here http://www.racedepartment.com/media/

    SMtv: The Return of Lazy Lizard | WATCH IN HD |

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  2. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
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    Just got my copy a few days ago.
  3. Amazing force feed back!
    Best than Pcars in my opnion.
  4. William Wester

    William Wester

    Compared to FM 5, I agree, HUGE improvement in FM 6. I wouldn't even bother moving my wheel from my PC to the X1 as it wasn't worth the hassle for the poor wheel feel of FM 5.

    As for comparison to most any of my PC sims - pCARS, AC, rFactor 2, SCE, R3E, the feedback of FM6 is not as detailed. With that said, I'm not complaining... can now enjoy my Thrustmaster TX on Forza.
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  5. I also have a Thrustmaster TX and to me FM6 is far worse than FM5 was. Cars are very twitchy and spin out in a heart beat. I've tried about a half dozen various settings and they all feel about the same.
  6. William Wester

    William Wester

    Then you have a completely different game or wheel version. My older than dirt, if I can "race" in FM6 then I would think anyone could! Not "twitchy" at all for me, something doesn't seem right with your setup.
    There isn't much activity for console gaming on RD, if you ask other FM6 gamers on say in the FM6 forums on GT Planet you'll find many that love the improvements over FM5, don't take my word for it.
  7. With STM stability Control on (added brake force on most grippy tyre) it feel more sim like. and not like someone activate the handbrake when entering corner. It feels like there is too mush engine braking , so maybe using clutsh helps
  8. I've got a TX 458 Italia wheel with T3PA pedals and a GTE rim add on that I've had for right at a year.

    In the FM6 forums it seems that there are a ton of people complaining how bad FM6 is compared to FM5 so I'm definitely not alone.

    My issue is that the falloff into the deadzone comes in way too quickly. If you say the center stripe on top of the wheel is 12 o'clock, then once you get it past 11 or 1 o'clock, you're dead. So what I would call the effective steering range is way too small and too narrow. You get it too close to that edge and it oversteers and spins out.

    I've tried various settings for deadzone ranges, different DOR (540, 720, 900), different sensitivity settings on the wheel, but they all feel just about the same. I have to tip toe around corners to avoid spin outs.

    All of my Fanatec gear should be here by sometime next month. I think I should just park the game for right now and try again when the new stuff gets here.
  9. William Wester

    William Wester

    VERY strange. I use my wheel mostly on PC sims, I don't have any problems on those either. Have you tried your wheel on a computer?
    I have the TX 458 Italia, T3PA, TH8A, and GTE rim. There is definitely something not right with your setup, I don't have any suggestions as the consoles are so limited to what can be configured. At least on the PC you can check things with the Thrustmaster control panel.

    Something I came across, might help someone (I didn't try as my TX feels great in FM6)

    I was not happy with TX wheel and Forza 6. So I went searching on the internet, changing settings and testing and finally found the perfect setup (for myself). Hope this helps other people also. I now REALLY enjoy the wheel with Forza 6, and can drive the cars to the limit. I can recover from potential skidding, catching the back on time and really drive fast, all with great FFB! I now even drive with all assists off, something I couldn't do before! So far I have not tested this on the supercars and really fast cars.

    In game settings: -In the wheel settings I have selected Layout 1, Rumble=On, rest of the settings off. -In the advanced wheel settings I have: Steering Axis Deadzone Inside: 0 Steering Axis Deadzone Outside: 100 Acceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 14 Acceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 100 Deceleration Axis Deadzone Inside: 15 Deceleration Axis Deadzone Outside: 100 Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside: 0 Clutch Axis Deadzone Outside: 100 Handbrake Axis Deadzone Inside: 10 Handbrake Axis Deadzone Outside: 100 Vibration Scale: 100 Force Feedback Scale: 100 (I like this but can be reduced if you feel it is to heavy) Wheel Rotation Angle: 540

    Setting up the TX wheel -You can set the sensitivty of the wheel by using the MODE button and the Right Shifter Paddle. Set this to 2 green lights flashing by pressing Mode + Right Shifter Paddle untill it flashes green twice. -As I use the manual clutch and don't have a clutch pedal, when going racing I press MODE + A to set the wheel to auto-clutch. Remember to turn this off (MODE + A again) in the menu's.

    Hope this helps people, let me know."
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  10. Yes I saw the same post and tried that as well.

    I don't have any games for PC. I only have the Xbox One.

    Let me ask you this, how far to each side can you steer before you hit the deadzone?
  11. I don't have any deadzone on my Fanatec CSW v2. Deadzone is adjustable in the controller menu in FM6. Deadzone typically affects the center though and how far you turn before you start to get a response, not the opposite. No wheel should have a deadzone after the wheel responds unless you're setting an outer limit deadzone very low. Mine are always inner 0 and outer 100.
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  12. William Wester

    William Wester

    @Blkout explained pretty well. I don't have any deadzone either and for Forza I set mine the same - 0 inner and 100 outer. For PC sims we have much more control.
  13. Mine are also set at 0 and 100, that's why I asked. Now what I'm calling deadzone is when you turn the wheel to either the left or right and you feel that edge and once you pass it there's no steering going on. I might have the terminology wrong.

    What I have in Project Cars is almost perfect. I have full steering effect almost to 3 & 9 o'clock.
  14. That's not deadzone, that's traction loss. Not every game does FFB the same but in Forza, you can feel when you're on the edge of traction loss in a turn with a shudder/vibration feel, if you keep pushing beyond that threshold, you've lost traction and entered a slide. The key with Forza is to keep your tires on the edge without passing that shuddering feeling. It may require you to drive with a different style than your use to but once you get the hang of it, you'll find it very rewarding.

    The problem with Project CARS FFB is that doesn't do a good job of conveying when you're on the edge of traction loss, the wheel just goes numb. The wheel may have some resistance once you've passed the traction threshold but that doesn't really help anything, Its just a dull resistance that isn't really telling you anything about what the car is doing.
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  15. The problem with Forza's "traction loss" is that the range when that "traction loss" occurs is too small and feels too amplified on it's edges. It feels like it goes from center to full lock in just an instant. It's also too slack at center, too loose.

    Project Cars to me feels perfect. Once I feel a loss of traction I can still dial the input back a little and go right on, Forza won't let you do that, it's either all or nothing or most of the time a spinout.
  16. I guess I can't help you then. I have a Fanatec CSW v2 and I don't have those issues. There's certainly not any "slack" at center in FM6, however FM5 had a noticeable deadzone around center. The Thrustmaster TX is a great wheel, I use to have one, maybe its just something with FM6 you're experiencing with that wheel.
  17. My Fanatec rim should be here late next month so I'm hoping that will be a lot better than this Thrustmaster on FM6.
  18. William Wester

    William Wester

    If you remember @Blkout we talked on the FM5 FFB some time back. I think you were more statisfied than I was but to me FM6 feels SOOOO much better with my TX than FM5. I actually like using it, just a pain to move it from my PC to the X1.
  19. I remember being able to use an adjusted race differential in FM5 and that helped tremendously with the feel of the cars but the FFB was always bad. It was drivable with a wheel but not what I would call fun.

    FM6 is night and day better. The FFB in FM5 always felt sort of reversed, or the car physics didn't react the way they should compared to what the wheel was telling you.