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I'm getting a gaming PC,what games should i get and how are the mods?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by dc67, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. I have the xbox360-Forza3-Race Pro. What do you suggest? I don't want to venture into iracing at this time (i will when i experienced other stuff and have more time). What do you think of the mods? Are they complicated and sub-par?
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    The mods very much depend on the game you would like to buy. What kind of racing do you prefer?
  3. Circuit track racing
  4. You should try them yourself by downloading demos
    I can from my experiences recommend:

    From ISI one of the best simracing games with a lot of mods, I still havent tried them all but they are quite amazing, from formula through Enduro Le Mans series, Clio Cup, V8s to Rally and much more

    Or some SimBin stuff? It has also open construction, a lot of mods available over there, we are currently running MMG F1 07, Clip cup (very popular!), DTM and Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup mod, and of course default cars (WTCC, GT series)
    Race 07
    GTR Evolution
    Race ON

    There are another games from SimBin, for example GTR but as far as I know we are not supporting this game here, and GTR 2 which has its own support here (Racing Club events)

    Or you can try another one from SimBin, GT Legends (the name says it itself), which has also support here but I dont know about demo

    Or some ARCA (NASCAR) ?

    Maybe you will change your mind and you will want to try some rally, then Richard Burns Rally

    I dont know if I forgot some... but from my experiences I can tell you, those demos wont let you that amazing feelings from these games as the full versions do, with great community around you, when racing online :thumb:

    I hope this will be useful
  5. Do i just buy a game,load it on my PC,go to a site? and down load a mod.
  6. In the most yes, it works like that
  7. get ahold of a copy of world racing 2, its a mix of arcade and sim, therer are literally hundreds of mods out there, feel like something different, from your euro's or japanese cars, then head on over to ammods...

    i've been playing this game for years and still have fun with it..so if you want something different then this is your best guess..it uses starfart protection but theres a patch for that, on synetics website..that removes it, so you dont have to install that pos protection...

    hope this helps
  8. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    Unfortunately doesnt work for Win7 users, because the Starforce driver is installed along side the game before you patch it, too late, Windows kills the driver, and takes a whole load of other stuff out with it. I had to do a complete new install of Windows to sort it.
  9. ok well this patch, is supposed to clear that up, i guess i dont that problem, i use vista...i dont like it. but i use it
  10. Hi there! Congratulations for diving into the "hardcore sim crowd " :)
    Before bying any game i suppose you have a decent ff wheel ? like a g25 or a fanatek 911 turbo ? If not buy one the above first.The g27 is better then the g25 but you can find the g25 dirt cheap nowdays.
    Forget about Iracing !!! Completely !!! Really i am not joking.It has some great open car/gtr car physics and some great online races but for the moment the amount of money you have to spend its ridiculus and there are very few not oval decent tracks out there.

    Go buy a Gtr Evo/Race on combo.(You can install both games to merge all their content together).On a gaming pc the game will look much much crisper and will be silky smooth compared to race pro for x360....Also there are a ton of additional tracks to download.

    Rfactor is basically a no brainer.Just buy the game retail or from the net.Add the real feel patch and then go to rfactorcentral and choose the top car mods/tracks to download.There are many very very high quality cars and tracks.From norchleife to isle of man,mount panorama,le mans,rouen,macau,magny course,barcelona,laguna seca,oran park,valencia,silvestone,lienz,eastern creek,sepang,suzuka,tsukuba,brands hands,fugi,detroit to the...70 mile targa florio....
    And for cars...You can have normal real life cars like a supra,skyline gtr,silvia's,corvettes,lexus,ferraries,porsches,civics,integras,nsx,bmw's etc....

    Or you can have Gtr cars like historic gtr cars,touring cars,american gtr's,supercar gtr's etc...

    Or f1 like CTDP 2006-2009 or FSONE...

    Also don't forget to give a look at LFS.It does not have a lot of content but what there is is incredible.You can have some incredible races in lfs .