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Im Back

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Chris Marshall, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Ive been away with work duties in Kyrgzstan, and back for a month before heading off again. Im gonna relocate tot he UK as the flights from Australia are a pain in the ass, the Uk is a little closer and besides i prefer the cold better than, Bush Fires, Floods and most animals that kill you.

    Anyways just thought id say hi and post a few photos of my time int he Mountains

    Me at a glacier front, standing on the frozen river

    169049_10150119445083109_754293108_7669011_5827868_n.jpg 169069_10150119444338109_754293108_7668999_4339155_n.jpg
  2. Glad you are back safe and sound Chris we missed you. Amazing pictures there and the glare of your bald spot ruined the first one :D glad you are back safe mate !
  3. lol, it got slightly burnt that day. As for safe i had a situation when i arrived in Bishket, my escorts didnt turn up and i was surrounded by some baddies and they insisted i got into a taxi and they would 'take' me to my hotel. I wasnt staying in a hotel i was supposed to be going to a safe house.
    After 3 hours of waiting and been threaten with a tazar and really big knife and forced to pay for my kit, they turned up and got me out of there. All good though, been in a few situations in my time and i just kept calm and used my noggin.

    Flew to Ireland 2 weeks later and enjoyed a massive bar fight with my crew against the rival village. Got a 3 inch glass cut on my wrist from my ninja type reflex's, better that than my eye ball i suppose. I also met a few travelers that asked me if i would like to donate my fuel to them and they would leave me be, i made a deal that they left me with enough to get to a fuel station, both partys happy and i kept my front teeth.

    OH and i for got the Kyrg rebels helped up with 'stopping the avalanches ' in a spot we needed to be.......they fired some HE shells into the mountain side with a 105 howitzer,,,, that was fun.

    see you sunday eh
  4. Beautiful pictures and never a dull moment by the sound of it. :cool: