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Ihab Abbas: Looking forward to join a team "WS or WT"

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ihab Abbas, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Hello there,:cool:

    I am looking to participate in a single seater leagues after following up the events and the leaguse for a while here in RD, So if any team want to tryout me please pm me so we can arrange that.
    I forgot to put AutoGP in the tread title so please concider that also.

    Past Experience:

    GRC 6 wins 13 podiums 6 fastest laps 3 Pole Positions.

    Raceconnect.com 1 win 1 pole and 3 podiums.

    Race2Play 5 podiums so far 2nd and 3rd position.

    I am new in RD community I did just 13 races and got so far one podium.

    RDGTC S3 Driver for Water Blue Racing, after round 3 I am in 10th position with 178 points.

    RDLMS S2 Driver for Water Blue Racing team GT2 car, current position for the team is 5th after round one.

    I am a STC league driver for AnE racing team "Black Cup 2010" scoring so far 49 points for the team during five races I have done so far.

    I have over four years of experience in the sim racing field via rFactor WTCC Race07 Race on STCC GTR EVO GGTR2 GTL, also I have experienced iRacing and netKar sims. I have also experienced the LFS sim for about 2 years as it was my starting sim.

    My Driving steering wheel is G25.

    Anything Else:
    I like to share setups and work on them, I like to practice a lot a head of any race I will take part in,sometimes doing skin work.


    Ihab Abbas
  2. :o gl here!
  3. Good presentation! Welcome!
  4. Thx guys :D I hope to find a spot for the next season.
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