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If you haven't tried Viktor Andersson's setups, you're missing out

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by isamu, May 4, 2011.

  1. Seriously. Viktor Andersson's setups are the BUSINESS!!!!!! Using his setups, I was able to win 13 online multiplayer races today! 7 of them in a row!(no aids). Today was extremely intense! I had some of the closest races I've ever had in any racing game before, and managed to stay very competitive with some of the top online drivers, thanks to Viktor's setups.

    The only thing I disagree with, so I changed, is the ballast setting being towards the rear in most of your setups. So I moved it forward to something about 70%-80%. What do you think about this Viktor???

    Anyway give Viktor Andersson's setups a try guys. I'm sure you won't regret it. Thank you Viktor for these wonderful setups dude. :)
  2. hi so I can thank Andrew Bortz's setup go much better for it ^^

  3. Actually yes, I too would like to thank Andrew Bortz!!! I use his setup as well, and they are great too! So yes you're right...both Viktor and Andrew have the best setups in my opinion. I kinda like Viktor's gear ratios just a bit better though :)
  4. Have to agree setups are great by these people, sometimes however i struggle due to in the most part people post Mclaren setups which dont always port over to Lotus in season 1.

    it would be nice i setups were devided out into cars as well as tracks so you could search for your car on a track easier instead of going through 15 pages to see if anyone posted such a thing

    All in all though kudos to all the posters with their setups it really helps someone like me just coming back into racing games from 2 years away from it
  5. Viktor's setups are for Time Trial specifically he's said this, you need to adjust them in online races....

    The Great thign about Andrew's Setups they are great in Time Trial , Online Multiplayer races with all Assists off & all realism settings ( Racing Club Events) .... the wear on tyres is Average.... it's hard to Viktor's u setups in Racing Club Races as everything is real with Assists off....

    Don't get me wrong both have their advantages & faults, but andrew's is more suited for online durance races. :)
  6. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Thanks for the compliments im sure vicktor will be as ecstatic as much as me about being mentioned, over the next weekend ill be posting a few more setups that werent originally in the setups thread.
  7. Nice some people likes my setups :). The changes I do when I race is +1 wing and +2 rear spring stiffness, The rest is the same as I use in TT.
  8. Sometimes they work for me, sometimes they don't, but in my saved setups I usually have one that is titled "Viktor".
  9. Yes they do have great set-ups. I think what could make you just that bit faster, is to tweak them to your liking. I use to use set ups on this forum but now i do my own ones (except maybe the gear ratios) i find it much better if the car is set up for me. This was abit like Montoya when he was at McLaren, the car was set up to Understeer (because this was how Kimi wanted it).
  10. Anyone got a link to the setups? I have searched the setup forum and can't find them.
  11. James Chant

    James Chant

    im afraid its a case of hunting through each setup thread
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    You will like what we will be doing for F1 2011 :)
  13. Its a shame the same principals couldnt be applied to the Setup section as has been applied to the PC F1 League section, in that any general 'chit-chat' about setups gets stuffed in one 'Setup Discussion' thread.

    Yes but will we like F1 2011!
  14. I use Viktors setups for Time Trial and 100% race distances, which include Tyre wear and Fuel simulation.

    His setups really seem to suit my driving style, the car is stable and when im racing online in my championship, i will drive consistently at 95% speed, rather then trying 100% and having a big risk of making a major mistake.

    I do not need to change anything on his setups when moving from time trial to a grand prix, except if the front ride height is on 11, then naturally i will change it to 1 so the car is not really slow in the pits.

    I recommend Viktors setups to anybody who have trouble making their own to suit their driving style, likewise i have tried Andrew Bortz's setups on some tracks and it does not suit how i drive, but this does not mean it is not perfect for someone else.
  15. Good replies guys.


    I've been meaning to ask you this.....I would like to know why, on some tracks(Melbourne, Hockenheihm, Valencia, etc) you place the ballast all the way towards the back? I was told in another thread, that having the ballast towards the front helps prevent the car from spinning out. Is this true? If so, wouldn't having it towards the back make it more prone to losing control and spinning? Or are there other benefits to having it all the way back there?

    What are you guys' philosophy on this?
  16. I have noticed it prevent from spinning out on Monza, but I have tried this on other tracks too and it doesnt prevent as much as on Monza, dont know why.
  17. I see. But does having it towards the back make the car lighter? And does it increase or help acceleration in any way, as far as you know?
  18. Changing from Viktors old Valencia setup, to his new one, i increased my time trial lap by a full second, i think it increases acceleration down the straights isamu, while making the car a little less stable, however in these tracks where they are both 11, they are usually pretty easy tracks anyway.
  19. Thx for the tip Kyle. Expect some more competition in Valencia :tongue:
  20. bllast is ballast, the car will be the same weight no matter where you put it. I tend to put it to the back as well, seems to improve rear stability under braking and helps applying the throttle early out of slow corners without too much risk of spinning.

    In Viktor's case I'd think the ballast to the back is done to in part counteract the high front and low rear wing, which if you left balance at 50-50 or even more to the front, would leave you with a very twitchy backend.