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If Montoya were to comeback....

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Diego Lopez, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. what team would he be in?

    would you be shocked?

    high or low expectations?
    WC material?

    I personally love his douche attitude...for tv and F1... thats just me...
    what do you guys think?
  2. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    Williams, maybe.

    Yes. He hates the current F1 car.

    In-between, but, leaning on low because of his rash manoeuvres.

    Not really.

    Montoya is loving NASCAR and he would not trade it for anything else. A shame he is not consistent in the Chase.
  3. I love the word 'douche'.......

    A douche bag is even funnier!
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Thats one name we will never see back in F1 again :) However he does say he loves NASCAR over Formula 1 but to me it reads: Lets embrace NASCAR as no team in F1 wants me anymore :)
  5. Honestly I would love to see him make a comeback and see how well we would do against today's F1 drivers. :)
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  6. Montoya made a stupid move to nascar, he is/was a great open wheeler driver, he won F3000, CART, Indy 500, and made a lot of poles, victories in F1, even had a fight for the 2003 season title.

    In nascar he made more than 200 races, and only 2 wins, both in road courses, in 6 seasons, just one chase. Now its to late to come back, he will stay like this until Chip Ganassi gets tired of him and fire him.
  7. He would have been a multiple F1 champion had Williams actually handled things better.
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  8. nope.... Michael Schumacher
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  9. doesn´t matter who was in the Ferrari....
    Certain things happened, one of them a complaint from yea you guessed it... Ferrari.

    They had a massive advantage with that engine.
    Had they only produced a better car they would have been multiple champions.
    But they failed every single year.
  10. Still Michael Schumacher, another level.

    Montoya WAS very fast, agressive driver(NIgel Mansell, Jean Alesi style), but it lacks some cool head sometimes, he did a lot of mistakes. Even if williams made a better car, his chance would be only 2003, when Michael won by a couple of points.
  11. F1 isn't for everybody. Quite a few of the guys who've left have said the same thing; Barrachello being the most recent. He said he couldn't believe how the drivers mingled and sat down at the same table for lunch...despite being on opposing teams. Montoya said the same thing the first year he was in Nascar.
    That's not a bad reflection of F1. It's just different. JPM is a very good driver...and exceptionally 'ballsy'. That said, I couldn't see him being politically correct and doing sponsor events for all his career. He just doesn't strike me as that guy.
  12. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    He wouldn't fit in an F1 car these days.
    The guys a tool and should rot in Nascar
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  13. If Montoya were back to F1, they'd need to make the Safety Car safer.
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  14. well..

    seeing that Schumacer and Kimi made a comeback...

    ..I guess is just a matter of time wouldn't you say?
  15. Schumacher and Kimi both World Champions, and they stay out for 3 and 2 years.

    Montoya is out for 6 years.
  16. I remember this. Ferrari complained about the front tyre width Michelin were providing to Williams and Williams never got on the podium for the last 3 races after the redesign was implemented. FIA for you, bit of a disgrace really since from 2002 Bridgestone were making Ferrari bespoke tyres to suit the design of their car.

    Schumacher won 2 of the last 3 races after the Michelin tyres were redesigned, he finished 2 points ahead of Kimmi and 11 ahead of Montoya I think the championship would have been between Montoya and Kimmi without the intervention of Ferrari International Aid.

    JPM dominated the mid part of that season, battered his team mate across the length of the season and would have, should have won the world title. I think that's why he likes NASCAR so much, the politics of Formula 1 were just so wrong 2000-2008. It's a little better now thanks to the departure of Mosley but not much better.
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  17. Thank you, i could not bother replying anymore.
    And that was just one year.

    The other years, had they just built a better machine they would have whooped the Ferrari.
    Head even said they could run more downforce then anyone else on the grid and still hit a higher top speed then anyone else.

    They had the biggest chance of their life and they blew it.
    One year Ferrari blew it for them as you explained above.
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  18. Don't blame you.
    Schumacher is good no denying it but people seem to forget how much assistance he received in that era.
    Bespoke tyres, the TCS was a massive asset to him (I truly think that's one of the reasons he struggles so much with todays cars, if you took his TCS successful years away he only won one WDC which was 95)

    Yeah that Williams was a beast! It was such a shame they didn't use the Machinery they had to better effect!
  19. Yea no question Schumacher was good, very german in his way of doing things, very methodical but as you say, had massive help.

    Ferrari had more money then anyone else,
    They tested more then anyone else,
    Very close relationship with Bridgestone,
    Rory Byrne (who somehow many people don´t know about) a genius in the same sense as Newey.

    Funny thought about the TCS.
    Senna was adamant that they ran traction control on the Benettons.

    Yea it was insanity packaged into a small area, first year was a test year so horrible reliability but the year after they had the most powerful engine out of all the teams.

    2000 - 810hp
    2001 - 880hp
    2002 - 895hp
    2003 - 940hp
    2004 - 940hp
    2005 - 950hp

    2005 they ran the same engine as in 2004. They had a much more ruthless engine but FIA changed the rules suddenly so they scrapped the whole engine.

    then you had rumors of them running 1,000 horses on Monza. But it´s all rumors.

    This one had 880hp.
  20. Here's a good demo of the power! Look at the closing speed on Kimmi as they leave the pits.
    I think I'm right in thinking also that it was the first F1 Engine capable of 20,000 RPM but was rarely used due to reliability so was often wound back to 17,000 max by BMW

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