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If GTR 3 is even 90% as good as GTR 2 then...

Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by VernWozza, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. VernWozza


    ....I will be one happy boy!

    I bought GTR2 on steam yesterday and had a mission trying to get it working, but after a number of re-installs and tinkering I finally got it running. My god what a sim this was.

    I haven't played for nearly 10 years and it is still better than anything I have played since. Granted I still haven't had a go on AC or PCars yet but I have not had as much fun as I have just now racing 2005 GT cars at Monza.

    In my opinion you can't beat a fully licensed game with all the rules etc. The 2 things I hope that sim bin carry through from GTR2 is the AI performance and Damage model. The AI is better/more realistically predictable than any sim I have played recently. They have surprised me a few times today already, I have been approaching back markers thinking "ok, a bit of breathing space" and I look back to see the AI has cruised past and is still right on my tail. Love it.

    The other aspect I mentioned is the damage model. This is so important for me. I love the idea of having to protect my equipment for c.2 hours or so. In other sims (RaceRoom being one of the worst offenders for this) the whole immersion thing is shattered in milliseconds when you have a lapse in concentration and slam in to a wall at 100+mph and nothing happens. I think they struck a really nice balance in GTR2. To add to that point, one thing I would really love to see is having only 1 or 2 cars for a weekend. So, no slamming it in to the wall on FP1 and hitting ESC and starting again. Protect your car all weekend, any damage incurs a time penalty in the pits or even having no useable car for the race because you binned it in Quali and wrote off your spare in the warm up.

    Any way, can you tell i'm excited.

    Oh, and sim bin.....Please let us skin our cars. It's a simple pleasure we don't get to enjoy with RaceRoom. I would play that game a load more if I could run my custom skin in single player mode.

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  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    ^^ This! Hope we can see it again in the near future.