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Cars iDT Formula BMW Championship 1.1

Formula BMW for SCE for V1.50

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  1. Hi Gilles13 thanks for the FBMW mode; I've a question for you :
    when selecting the mod in game, the logo is shown on the upper left corner of the screen; can you modify it so to put in the centre ?

  2. It should already be a full picture?

    did you install both the logo's?
  3. It's not a full picture, it's a small one...............and I've installed all the RFM files :
    reizafbmw.rfm, reizafbmw.tga and reizafbmw_logo.tga
  4. Will there be an update to this? Including a name for the realfeel parameter, as well as renaming the rfm, and background image?
  5. samcar304

    Sam Carmichael Staff Member

    Just got back into SCE wow i love this car!! i hope it gets an update to AMS when it comes out! Kepe up the good work! :D
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  6. Thanks buddy lol
    Yeah it will be updated to AMS standard when it is out.

    In the meantime I have loads of new content coming to you all shortly. :)