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Identifying car/track name from package

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by JoelGL, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Tried some mods, installed package, but I don't see it under Cars. Is there a way to easily know what name would appear inside rF2? Noticed this with some mods where the car name in rF2 is different from the package. So is there an easy way to find this out?
  2. Chriski


    Don't know if there is an easy way but try looking under brand or model of car. Somerimes under the name or initials of the person or group that released the mod . Sometimes under the class of car.
    Which mod BTW.

  3. Thanks @Chriski, will try those. ASR3 (it has 2 files: asr_3series.rfcmp and asr_3series_v1.1, installed both, as v1.1 required v1 installed too). Can't find ASR 3 under Vehicles.
  4. Chriski


    I have that mod too.
    Shows up as ASR_3SERIES V1.0 and V1.1 in content manager.
    Shows up as ASR3 Series in vehicle select.
    Check in your rFactor2/Installed/Vehicles folder that there is a folder named ASR_3SERIES with 2 subfolders named 1.0 and 1.1
    From the content manager try an uninstall then install again.
    Maybe download the files again in case something is corrupt.
    I've run out of ideas for the moment so hope this helps.

  5. Thanks for your time, works now. Previously when it didn't show up, I installed both v1 and v1.1 together. So I tried uninstalling both and installed v1 first, then opened rF2, and it showed up. It's like it wanted to refresh first with installing v1 only. Then exiting and installing v1.1 afterwards became fine too.
  6. Yah, there is a problem with updates in rF2, which is why they are rarely used. Mods don't show-up after updating under a bunch of different circumstances.

    That being said, the lack of standardization in mod naming (the menu in the sim) is enough to drive one crazy.