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Ideas & suggestions

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Frank Lehmann, May 2, 2014.

  1. By knowing that Sector 3 Studios (Simbin) is reading the RD forum, i was thinking of making a thread to collect little ideas and suggestions to improve things in R3E. This thread is not intended to be a discussion-thread, neither a wishlist.

    So just post your ideas (preferred with concrete suggestions and examples). Big discussions aren't necessary. Give a rating to the posted idea, and this should be enough to tell your opinion about it.
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  2. Ok, let's get started.

    Actually the replay bar in R3E looks like this:
    If you drive a couple of laps and thereafter watching the replay, it's difficult to jump directly to a specific lap.
    So it would be useful to have some kind of a visible marker, where a lap ends/begins.

    Here are just 3 examples (photoshopped mockups) which i think could improve the replay bar:

    #1: Small checkered (dotted) lines

    #2: Thin lines with a small checkered flag

    #3: With some color-coding, to make invalid laps visible at one glance.
    (Green=valid, Red=invalid)


    PS: Yes the idea is slightly borrowed from AC, but it's not necessary to re-invent the wheel. If it's good, why don't use it too.
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  3. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    As a simulator, it would be good to have some more setup possibilities such as left/right different settings, tire pressures or toe in. Steering lock options in the car setup screen would be fine also. Or the possibility for choosing and saving different setups for a car/track combination, so that comparison is possible.
    And to have an idea of what I'm doing when building a car setup, it would be fine to have quantified scales of speed, forces, torques, a.o., so that I would have the choice to see either 1,2,3,... or 2250,2800,3120,... together with the units (m, mm, m/s,...).
    What about telemetry?
    My wishlist will probably lead to a longtime project?
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  4. Now after release of the last big update incl. Multiplayer-Alpha, it's time for new suggestions. :) (...and to bump this thread) :p

    What about making the Server-Browser more functional. It would be nice to see the car class on the list, without having to click on each entry to check the settings.
    And i think the difficulty setting is using to much space, and IMHO it's not necessary to write the complete word/string. "N" for Novice, "A" for Amateur and "R" or "GR" for Get Real should do it, and needs less space. Space which could be used for other stuff (like car class). :rolleyes:

    Frank (a.k.a. Ernie)
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  5. Or have a bunch of setting that are saved that is a search criteria, example;
    Search only Get Real
    Search only ADAC content
    Search only Radical races etc.
    Hide races with 0 in lobby

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  6. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    great thread!!!

    Saving seat positions

    run game offline

    Stop as many crashes as I get in game with server
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2014
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  7. 1. Changing weather & track conditions (rain, rubber build up, etc...)
    2. Ability to save setups.
    3. Ability to save seat positions.
    4. Improve shadow quality & overall graphic performance (certain graphic settings kill framerate.)
    5. Ability to filter multiplayer servers based on car class & physics mode.
    6. Add short explanation of what a feature does when you hover over it (car setup options, graphic options, controls)
    7. Elimate vRP & use a standard currency.
    8. Ability to create custom championships (pick different car classes & tracks).
    9. Add mandatory pit stops & driver swaps depending on series being used.
    10. Safety car periods if accident is bad enough.
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  8. Peter

    who cares Premium

    5. Ability to filter multiplayer servers based on car class & physics mode & brain.
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  9. More car setup for getreal settings:
    1 tire compounds
    2 more suspension settings. I dont know what rebound means for now: faster and slower, or softer and harder. :O_o:
    3 gear ratios with indicator of aproximated speed
    4 pop up advice in main menu( if needed on/off)
    5 separate steering lock for each car like it does in Race 07, Race Injection.
    6 engine brake mapping/restrictor will be very useful.
    7 brakes, not only balance, but power and duct.
  10. I feel like weather should not be rushed as it is quite a complex issue
    1-first ability to change tire compounds must be active
    2-weather needs to change during the race (otherwise it's just making the track slippery)
    3-dry lines need to be implemented to make it more real (it's 2014 for gods sake)
    4-different road surfaces react to rain differently
    5-highly sloped surfaces don't get water buildup at all
    6-rain needs to cool slick tires
    safety cars is a must if endurance racing is implemented and an semi intelligent pit crew would help as well. trying to pit in race 07 is real difficult cause you have to select all the options yourself before pitting but if you have a punctured tire you shouldn't need to tell the crew you need a change and if it starts raining and you pit it should put you on rain tires ect...
    2003 Sandown 500 is still one of the most memorable races iv ever watched cause of how weather and strategy's played into it it was a endurance race but you were never board and the final battle was fantastic.
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  11. Possibility to save more than one control-scheme. It's interesting that iR is only sim where you can save different controls to each car, that's very handy when some cars need stickshift and other need paddles.

    In rF, Assetto etc there's no that but in them you can save more than one control.ini. In RRE you are stuck with what you've choosed, if you change from stickshifting car to paddleshifting car, you have to everytime change confirigured buttons to get right shifting-style.

    This would be quite urgent addon for RRE's options.
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  12. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Absolutely not true.
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  13. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    To make it clear:
    every simracer knows that for creating reasonable setups, first thing to do is: tire pressure, second most important thing to do: spring rates.
    Now tire pressure: not available! Spring rates: how the hell can I have the slightest idea of what spring rates to apply if the F/R weight balance is not known? How the hell to do something convenient if I don't know if it's a front engined 55% front weight balanced car, or like the Porsches 911 rather rear engined 35% font weight balance?
    For a racing simulator, it is rather mental. Omitting the most essential information and setup tools! It's like visiting a doctor, asking to give medication to feel better but refusing to tell if you're having diarhea or a headache.
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  14. Well then I need explanation how to save different custom/own control-profiles, because when you assign controllers it doesn't ask you to give profile a name and save, it just saves assigned controls.
  15. 1,brake bias
    2,3 tire pressure
    2,3 anti roll bar
    4 other suspension settings
    that's my order for most games but its common for tires to not be as important as the anti roll

    but yeah it current system needs some work but it's by no means mental at all my good sir it's quite understandable y they have done it that way(even if it's not that helpful). what i recommend in the mean time is to look at the defaults and to figure it out from there.
  16. So you don't have to go out of the game turn on/off auto clutch like the rest of us?

    Also i would like a penalty system in place for people who are using auto clutch and paddles on cars that are manual shift.
    AC has this where the paddle shift still requires a lift, but the game making the change for you is quite slow.
    Would make people use the proper shifting mechanism. I always try and use manual shifting if the car has it, but what's the point when your 4 seconds a lap slower than even the biggest numpty?
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  17. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    Hotkey for autoclutch on/off is (I think) F6 or F7.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2014
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  18. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Okay everybody is going to do you a favour and spend an x amount of money to upgrade his hardware to your likings.

    Think not, we are still talking about games
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  19. I'm not saying they have to. I'm saying there should be some penalty if other choose to 'simulate' (that's what this is after all, is it not?) the real transmission and those who don't get an instant-less-than-100th-of-a-second-shift.
    In your opinion are we simulating the real experience of these cars, or is it ok for it to be 'arcade' and 'gamey' when it suits?
    Forza has a similar system in place for God's sake!

    And going by your mentality those of us who have a shifter and clutch pedal might as well bin them.
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