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Ideas for improvement.

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Víctor Aldana, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. These days I have given a chance to this game and the truth is that since the last update has improved. But it remains work to be done:
    • Categories / levels to players based on their pase / accidents. (Multiplayer)
    • Championships online.
    • The FFB conveys no feeling when you block the wheels braking (This is something that Assetto Corsa does very well and helps a lot).
    • The sensation of speed in the cokpit is exaggerated, everything moves very quickly and is not realistic.
    • The AI is very aggressive and will take the track too many times.
    The idea is to provide ideas to make a good game, a better game.
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  2. Scrapping RRE & starting the project again would improve things.
  3. On some input controllers like steering wheel AC has horrible FFB at this moment with parasite effects of it, that U can reduce but cannot eliminate at all. Also AC has baddest AI in the world, looks like the AI cars becomes Tanks, that pushing U out of track in any situation.
    The sensation of speed in the cockpit.... U can adjust it in options higher or lower.
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  4. I'll take a look at the sensation of speed.
  5. Try to set a more realistic FOV for your seat/monitor-setup. Look here.
  6. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
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    my wheel goes super light when my brakes are locked up on cars with new physics wtcc and older cars ... so maybe a settings issue

  7. the sense of speed problem is due to having a incorrect FOV this is what effects your sense of speed its easily adjusted and is unique to each monitor and seating position so you cant really blame the game. I think @Kjell Eilertsen has a calculator
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  8. Thanks to your help I managed to configure the game to my way:
    • The FFB is now much better.
    • The FOV has improved the feeling of speed.
    Thank you.