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Idea of players performance unpredictability

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16 | Valentino Rossi: The Game' started by Marg, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. It is possible to randomize player's performance as well, see it as "perturbation" for player.
    AI was too slow in Moto 2, just made 5 different MOTO2_TOP files (because "Gresini Federal Oil" is a TOP bike). Each contained a different value for bike's weight - 150, 160, 170, 180, 190 kg! Understandably I tried to ride 190 kg, and it was slower ~ 3 seconds per lap, than bike having 140 kg mass! So player himself can be slowed down, no "AI too slow" problem.
    More: made 5 files + filename randomizer, all 5 filenames are randomized - names are just a bunch of numbers, choose any of them - and put in data folder, renaming to MOTO2_TOP.BML, of course, in my case, and voila! Nicest thing is that you will not know before the race (or qualifying) what value is in that file! You will get a clue at the start, when acceleration will be an indication, how "team mechanics" have worked... :)
    Of course, mass\weight is just most primitive thing, other things can be changed.
  2. After some experiments I noticed, that if you crash, after respawn, bike becomes superfast, seems that 140 kg mass is reset :( where this value is taken from? Even if damage is OFF. I tried to copy mass penalty even to MOTO2_MEDIUM, etc files but no success. Where (after respawn) values are taken from?
  3. Minor suggestion:
    A temporary fix for that might be to change the respawntimer to 15 seconds or something. Giving you lots of time to catch up. Even tho it might not be realistic that you will perform better after a crash, it's still better than losing only 3 seconds and performing better after crash.

    If you still can win or end up rather high in the field, you should probably consider making the respawntimer even longer :o
  4. I already set respawn timer to 20 secs :) But I discovered that the best way to simulate random "bad setups" is to change fMaxTorque value, in Moto 2 default value is 77. I found out that fMaxTorque=56 gives an opportunity to try not to be the last (and maybe fight for 27th-29th position). So anything in between 59,62, 65, 68, 71 is getting better. fMaxTorque 65-68 is a midfielder value.
    I use RandomNames.bat file and choose one the 7 files (for putting in DATA folder and compressing), not knowing what value will be in. Exciting...
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  5. Where is the respawn value please?
    there under - Component{ RespawnParams} are RespawnWaitTime and RespawnWaitTimeAI parameters. but I noticed this time is still varied, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer...
    but never as short as original :)
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