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IcemanLFS´s 2012 TV-Style Real T-Cams

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by IcemanLFS, Sep 21, 2012.

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  2. i know it is the start, and it is good start, but feels like i am looking too much down.. maybe just a feeling but looks good.. good job man really

    EDIT: just checked onboard Vettel.. and it does look very realistic. AWESOME!
  3. Sun


    Just tried it out, Awesome! please do it for every car :) Top job dude!
  4. Thanks for the replys, it gets me motivated to continue making this.
    Next post today....is McLAREN REAL CAMS and maybe FERRARI. Is not easy to fit the car in the screen exactly as we see in TV with the same car propotions and camera angles. My goal is to make this game as real as possible.
    Thank you very much for you feed-back.
  5. Hello is this problem related to your cam mod?
    In young driver test the half of the car is missing.I tried your cam there and it misses only when i start, and finish the tests, but not when i drive the car.
    Can you help me ? Cause this is annoying.I only installed car liveries but that don't affect anything of it.I installed modmates cam mod then i replaced it with yours, maybe that's the problem?Or that i had installed 50 flashback mod?
  6. It only happens with red bull and with your cams only, i replaced it with the original then i replaced it with your cams and it only happen with your cam mod.With modmates there are no problems.Can you help me?I don't say that i don't like your cams, it looks really awesome .But this thing is the only annoying part.
  7. @IcemanLFS

    Usually that happens if you rename the "Viewtype", leave it as it is and if you want a special name for it change the "ident" name.

  8. Thanks guys, i will check and fix it.
  9. @IcemanLFS
    Hopefully you can fix it as soon as possible.I want the fixed real t-cam from you for ferrari(I'm a real ferrari fan so i would appreciate it really:D).Take your time and make it good:)
  10. OK guys, i figure out what was the error causing the error that w1n1x report in the young driver test and is fixed. So no more graphic bugs. Also, after watching this morning Singapore Free Practice 3, i added the new suspension rear cam. So in this update you will have 2 t-cams and 2 rear views like in TV-style. I will post it this afternoon after Singapore Q3.

    For w1n1x a special thanks for your support. I am working on your Ferrari Cams. I will be post today later in the afternoon.
  11. No problem, man:).I felt i should report the problem to you and see it can be fixed or not:).Take your time and make it perfect.No one rush you to do it;) .I appreciate people like you who spend their free time to make other's happy :).Cheers!
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  13. Excellent work there , bro.You did it well.No more problems , i see the whole car in young driver test:).You rock!Keep up.I hope you can do these cams for all top teams(Ferrari,mclaren,lotus,mercedes,williams) if it's not too much for you.I don't rush you take your time for it as i said.I really appreciate it, i hope others will too!!You're a great camera modder:).
  14. good work, thank you iceman.
  15. Thanks mate, did you enjoyed the new rear cam, the rear suspension cam? Is very, very close to tv like i saw today in Singapore GP.
    Don´t worry, i will do it for every teams. I´m working in the ferrari and hope to release it today. I try to do my best. Thanks for the replys and comments.
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  17. No problem, your work is amazing so far.Hope to see more coming!!I would do videos with my pc but i cannot edit them with vegas cause i hadn't got enough time .I would make videos of it but i would need someone to edit and upload videos:D.Tested and it's far better than it was thank you so much!!!Waiting for ferrari all day:)
  18. Ferrari is 90% done, just need some more tweaks to be perfect!
    I'll try tonight or sunday morning.
  19. You, sir are a master! :)

    I beg of you please do mercedes gp after ferrari? :cry:
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  20. After Ferrari (90% done), is Mclaren (50% done%) and Mercedes.
    Thanks guys for alo for your appreciation. My working is for all that love Formula 1 and play this game. I am loving this game 2012 more and more. I think is very realistic, great job Codemasters!
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