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Iam thinking to update to a Fanatec Wheel

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Ian Craft, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Hi.

    Iam thinking to update to a Fanatec Wheel
    The GT3 V2. But is this wheel supported by GSC?

    ..........side question.
    Would you recommand to go to a g25/27? Instead of a GT3 V2 from Fanatec?
    (I use the DFP)

    best regards
  2. imho ... wait for the Fanatec Club Sport Wheel (CSW) ...
    that's what I am doing and pray that my good old DFGT will survive until the launch of it (april 2012).
    the Porsche Wheels are a bit "outdated" ... but you can make good deals with them.
    also the new CSR Wheel is available for a good price.
    all depends on how much you want to spend and what system you race on.
    so good luck with your decision ; )
  3. Clubsport will be really expensive right?

    mod edit: please mind the language, this is a family forum.
  4. Iam at the moment realy in trouble. Dont know what Wheel should I pick up.
    I lost at ebay at this moment a g25 by 160€. This was to expensive for me.(its used. Fresh gt3 is 20€ more)
    My pocket is by 200€. (just for the Wheel) (Will bet on g25 pedals this day hopefully I will win them.)
    Next auction will be in 4h. There was no conclusion which wheel is better in the mid segment.
    Thats make me realy serious headache.

    -Other headache factor is that I couldnt find in GSC Userdate/ no Fanatec File.
    -Fanatec fresh GT3 is at the store 179€ thats great I could effort it.
    -but the g27 is a great wheel too. And its supported by GSC.
    -Altough I could later update my wheel both are updateable by a certain company
    ->The Fanatec uses "better" technologie than the g27. Its update would be better.
    -g27 ffb is better to react on oversteer(dramatic situations) GT3 Fanatec is precise and has better "road" feel.

    Ahhh thats hurts ! (its a little bit dramatised)
  5. well mostly/unfortunately the better the quality, the higher the prize ... !
    if you want a Fanatec: wait till the CSW is out ...
    I am pretty sure, there will be many more used wheels on ebay available.
  6. So I should stick with my DFP?

    And wait till Avril. Then get a cheap GT3(what do you think: which price would it be at avril?) from Ebay?

    I dont want a Fanatec. I want a good wheel.
  7. as I mentioned above: the better the quality, the higher the prize!
    so I suggest: start feeding your piggy bank and be patient ;)
  8. I think youre right.

    The decisions who are made in stress are most times not the best.

    I think I will feed my piggy and wait until I can effort a highend wheel.
    So the step from my DFP will be giantic. It would be a waste of money on a mid class wheel.
    If I would go later to a higher wheel. And I think I will. So I will update to wheels
    like the T500 or the Fanatecs.

    My patience is boosted by the knowledge that I know now that Mr.Huttu used the DFP for a long time.
    So I will wait and learn a high virtue.

    The only thing that is bad at the DFP are the pedals which I use.
    The brake is weak. The throttle is weak.
    I moded my with a squashball. So it is ok.
    But I drive cars which are normally driven with clutch.
    And I dont have a clutch.

    Here some things I experienced today:
    -The G25 Pedals where sold for 49€
    -Clubsport Pedals and the Fanatec GT3 V2 for 284,00€
    -G25 for 160€


    Did you noticed that the wheel is 10x more than the game isnt that unfair?

    best regards
  9. Get a G27 for the PC, and in future, you can always add CSPedals if you feel you need them.
    G27 is a champ with open wheelers.
  10. I thought I will go to T500RS in avril.

    But I will wrack my brain to this topic later, again.

    (And Iam not an Open-Wheeler, like them too but drive them too seldom)
  11. GSC has 4 cars, 3 are open wheeler though....
    I won't try and talk someone out of T500, they sound like a top unit.
  12. Cant find good reviews the CSW will be released soon. Which is probably on the basis of the csr elite.
    But cant find reviews which are helping to decide.
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Hey Ian have you checked out our hardware forum? There is a lot of information posted about various wheels, rigs and everything sim racing hardware related.

    Also some reviews posted in our Hardware News section on the frontpage.
  14. The problem of the reviews is they dont go in the vs. x-model.
    So its just like a ad. I cant judge by an ad how good a product actual is .
    Just saw one benchmark test.
  15. well the CSW just went to the first testing: round 1 ... I guess it will not be released before end of may ... so a little patience is required to get the first "objective" reviews. on youtube you can have already an introduction-look at it ...
    well I couldn't wait any longer because my DFGT fell apart and I went for the Thrustmaster ...
  16. and it feels great?
  17. compared to the DFGT ... world's apart and made GSC even better with a whole new feel to it!!!!
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  18. I decided to buy a T500RS. ...
  19. T500RS worth the sacrifice, but I'm having problems with Game Stock Car. I think it's just a matter of setting up, but I don't know, since it doesn't have official support.
  20. Thrustmaster has a GSC ini-file for the TS500 included -> "Game-Setting" (there is also a pdf-guide with all the settings).
    works like a charm!
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