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IA qual lap times: lolwut!?!

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by elvinaizer, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. ok here it is: started full season through career on PC with momo racing, no helps except than traction control. I tried to find a correct setup for IA starting in australia and i found out that in qualify at pro they are impossibile to catch lapping at 1.31 low. So i choose intermediate after some tries seeing that the cars are lapping in the range of 1.34-1.38.

    I started the career and after a good q1 i progressed in q2, while a was 11 i crashed (real damage). The session ended and to my disbeliev there were maldonado, vergne, perez and nother middle field driver that lapped between 1.31.2 and 1.31.6. The whole rest of the field started with vettel at 1.34.2 (me .1.34.9). AI bug? Someone ever heard of that?

    I think it's interesting because thsi kind of issues are really kiling the singleplayer experience.
  2. Disable the traction control, it will probably help with your times. The car lacks power so it doens't oversteer easily, you can input a lot of power to it.
    Are you at season 2? Season 2 on mine got lot of different from season 1. Toro Rosso gonne worst while Caterham much better.
    What i believe that happened in your game is that when you crashed the game used the available times till the time thats why were they all messed up.
  3. There is no issue. You are just a poor driver :)
    I am in 1:29.5 in Caterham in quali, if you are 5 seconds off the pace - its your fault.
  4. I think his problem is not that he can't keep up with pro difficulty, it's that midfield (and sometimes backfield) drivers manage to be at the front is qualifying. I have this issue too on legendary. In valencia Pic was second in qualy, that's not very realistic.

    I am in my first season, so it's not that marussia has improved over seasons
  5. I did mine today. Me in a Force India 1.28.6xx. Vettel did a 1.27.7xx. It seems real to me. Get some practice on the track and then try

    Btw legend difficulty
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    The AI did 1:27.7 on Legend Difficulty - in Australia? That's a tad slow. :O_o:
  7. With disabled traction control ive done immediately a 1,31.4, Thanks Roberto. Probably i gotta pratice and work with setups. Anyway the timing is strange. I think that when you fast forward to the end of a session the times get messed up.
  8. Of course they do. What do you expect with 30x time acceleration? Real times? Not gonna happen. I never fast forward times, especially in Quali. It gets all messed up, especially in changing conditions.
  9. I know, but it was a challenge enough to me. BTW the laps were in the race 25% quali i gues 1:25.xxx