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I witnessed history at Monaco-ai mechanical failure

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Ben Eastman, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. I'm on my 3rd lap of Monaco 50%. In 6th place and I can see jenson button's engine smokIng up the whole track!
    Can't wait to see if his car breaks down!
  2. Right as I posted this and unpaused, schumacher spun out in front of me on the high speed corner after the swimming pool chicane. Action packed! I narrowly ducked around him....
  3. Interesting. Post patch?
  4. The patch released today was just an optimization patch. Nothing to do with gameplay or bug fixes.
  5. Not strictly...

    "Safety Car Online, AI DRS use, Small Lap Time and Race Engineer tweaks etc."

    So some actual gameplay changes, and not really logged.
  6. I am on xbox so no patch yet...it was actually Rosberg who was smoking, sure enough right after the first pit window, he went straight through the same chicane sideways and slammed into the wall...I'm assuming because his engine finally blew?
    Sadly for me after getting my hrt into 7th from 17th, I finished 15th after i broke my wing chasing petrov for 10th(we raced neck and neck for 3 laps until I misjudged turn 4) and then got a drive through when I couldn't slow my cAr enough out of the tunnel. Damn I would have loved those points!
  7. I also had 3 official DNFs aside from Rosberg and 1 car didn't make the finish- 5 DNFs in total...I love Monaco!