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I Win Very Easily In F1 2014

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by CHRALO1234, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. i win very easy in F1 2014 in legend with Ferrari . is there any mod that makes F1 more difficult or modificate performance?
  2. I've noticed that in the McLaren, I am very competitive and hardly burn fuel. I can run rich mix for four or five laps on 25%. I came second three times in a row. I thought it would be harder than this.
  3. Yes. How about you race cockpit only, no flashbacks, no aids at all, manual gears and the realistic damage mod so that any small crash gives you damage.

    Try that.
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  4. Not sure about the other poster, but I do that. Not everybody who wins easily is on easiest settings.
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  5. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    try to win using a wheel on xbox 360.......
  6. We can't all be racing gods. :cool: Good for you.
  7. What setups do you use? I find if I use one of the default setups it makes it more challenging, as you maybe have to fight the car a bit more and can't push as hard as you would like with a setup that makes you feel comfortable
  8. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    Try racing with a Marussia you wont find it so easy then:p
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  9. I 'M in caterham in career mode
    every race the fuel burn so fast
    i always drop from 16 to 22
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  10. If you want I could create a mod that increases AI pace by 150%-200%? It can be less if you want it to.
  11. I can agree to a certain extent that the AI is quite easy to beat, even on Legend, in Grand Prix mode. However, I find career a whole different situation, at least in a season 1 game. The car is nowhere near as fast in career for me as a user, so the AI are hard to beat. Are you talking about career or grand prix mode?
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  12. Get into a league.
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  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    ^^What he said :thumbsup:
  14. Its true. I thought I was great at this F1 malarkey. Winning races against the top AI, but when I took on these guys. Well, that's a whole different story. Some of these leagues chaps are brilliant.
  15. Find a group near your level to start with if looking at a league or you'll be so de-moralised you'll feel no point in racing. Although I finished 5th in my last league race, in my mind I was on that 3rd step due to strategy I was racing, and I set my team mate on a race winning strategy aswell.
  16. mcnasty1


    No wonder I thought I was just terrrible :/ after only paying career forever went online and cars handle a bit diff.
  17. John Grant

    John Grant
    Dont Rub me up the wrong way

    What frustrates me; i have completed my carer in easy to difficult , won every race beginning to end, yet racing against other cars in multiplayer they just fly past me, even on the straits, how is this possible. what need i do to get faster and not be an A1 racer
  18. I think this depends on what assists, if any, you are using. The golden rule generally in the F1 series is that assists will slow you down. The ones that will slow you down most are braking assist in turns and auto-gear in both turns and particularly straights. TC has been another culprit, though in the 2014 game I'm a bit undecided. The built in traction issues could in my view result in faster lap times for TC users, especially if using a hand controller.

    Also, setups that work well in time trial seem to me to bear no resemblance performance-wise in multiplayer. I have asked quite a few of those I see doing really fast lap times about their setups and was surprised how many were just using the default.

    I use a hand-controller on Xbox 360 and wheel users have a distinct advantage in series of turns when they use brake/throttle overlap, which can be detected from their engine noises. Brake/throttle overlap is next to impossible on a hand controller and difficult enough to master on a wheel-rig.

    Another factor is cheats. There are quite a few around. The game definitely does not detect mods on Xbox (can't speak for steam users). I have encountered players who are clearly using mods. One player even admitted to me, proudly I would add, he had modded the game. Check out the top Time Trial times, particularly for wet times, for impossible lap times.

    All that said, fast lap times do not always win races. Nobody wins every race, but you will win a good number using your head rather than your "foot", especially into turn one. Smooth driving is another factor. Additionally, I've lost count of the races where I crossed the line 2nd and even 3rd after being knocked off the circuit only to find I had won due to the leader/s incurring penalties. It is easily possible to win a percentage of races even with all assists on - particularly at Monaco and Singapore imho.

    Biggest suspect for me though if you are frustrated with straight line speed is the auto-gear assist. If you don't use that assist, a TT steup is the next suspect; next is turn exit - far too complex variable-wise to go into in a short post - but practise and experimentation on approach to turns can be a revelation. There's a sort of "fast-in slow out; slow-in fast out, lift and roll" set of rules.
  19. Use your keyboard?

    Or give me your details and I can send you some new ai difficulties files that would beat superman on a good day. ;)
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