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I was a champion in 2011, but 2012...

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by jtrulli, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Yes I was playing the 2011 game in Legend mode and win so many games; get the championship.

    But F1 2012 game; in Australia in Legend mode I was 23.

    In 2011 my best time 1.23.200
    in 2012 my best time 1.29.300

    What is the problem? Me or the difficulty level?
  2. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    It's different, more difficult and that you can't shift like a maniac anymore is making it even worse. I've had the same experience when I started but now it's all the same again - lap times are still slower because they're matching real-life lap times a bit more in 2012. The gap to the AI, however, is still the same. :)
  3. So what is your advice to me? Continue to playing with Legend and practice more or playing in lower levels?
  4. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I didn't lower the difficulty but if you're playing through a full season, on whatever difficulty, you'll get used to how you need to drive and should be able to improve your pace quite a bit. :)

    Just keep one thing in mind: you need to adapt how you shift.

    2011: shift down -> brake -> shift down (no waiting necessary)
    2012: brake -> wait (like 0.2 seconds or so) for the revs to go down -> shift down -> wait if necessary (i.e. when you're going from 7th to 2nd) -> shift down -> rinse and repeat

    That should improve your lap times a lot immediately. To make this easier, compare my laps from 2011 & 2012.


    (Quick lap starting at around 2:20)


    Also note the lap time difference. The 2011 lap is a lot quicker because I can shift down without taking possible engine into account - in 2012 my engine would've died after a few turns.
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  5. I am playing full and %100 season. Thank you for your nice reply. I will try these.
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  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    The Youtube video ID contained something that the forum recognized as a smiley, I changed the links - hope they're working now. Good luck. :)
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  7. Another thing you'll find is at the start of the season in career mode, it is a lot harder, I found when I first played, even on professional I struggled at Australia and Kuala Lumpur. Then bam I had an upgrade and my Force India was hands down the fastest on the track. I think the car is a bit off the pace in the first few races until upgrades help improve and the race is all downto how good you can push yourself. I know on Legendary in a McLaren I'm in the top 6, but when I first start the career I'm struggling my way out of Q1 in a Force India.

    Also like Tom says, a lot of it is the need to adapt to it all, I'd suggest using the practice sessions to their full potential with long and short runs to get fully comfortable with the track.
  8. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Do you mean that you are pulling a gap now on the AI in 2012 like many were able to do in 2011?
  9. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    In qualifying: yes, I can still create a 3 second gap on certain tracks. During the race: no, can't do that (as much as in 2011) anymore. :)

  10. Too bad my game always believe the best for me are engine and brake wear upgrade! :mad:I don't even know why this R&D exists. I can only damage the brakes and the engine on purpose. Wish i could have more mechanical grip, drag and downforce R&D.:)
  11. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    WOW, how much of that do you think is due to the patch and now much due to practice?
  12. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    To be honest,I didn't get to play the retail version much before patch 6 or 7. I think most of it comes down to getting used to the handling and shifting of 2012. That didn't take long in my case. :)
  13. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    karl, where were you at the xbox race last night?lol

    on xbox i am about 0.5 - 1 second slower pre-patch in gp and about <0.5 in tt mode slower.
    this is due to the massive understeer in slow speed corners.

    after practise, i beat the ai by 28 seconds and took an extra pitstop in mclaren offline quick race abu dhabi. so about 40 seconds faster than second place. in f1 2011, at turkey i pulled about 1.05 up to second place which was about my limit. so with practise, the gaps can/should be about the same.

    Tom Endres is spot on. obviously more of an expert than me looking at those times but about adapting is crucial. the style of f1 2011 is what creates and epic fail.

    in fact, my tt rankings (when i can be bothered are usually around top 100) whereas in f1 2011 i was around 300 -500...so maybe people haven't adapted or can't be bothered to try.
  14. Can't say I've had any issues regarding updates on the car. Unless I obviously fail the test or the part appears to not improve the car. I've found the majority go through fine. Although because I was stuck between the, rubbish on Legendary but too good on Professional area, I chose to start again with Caterham, so am only at race 3, so far everything seems to be going well though!

    Not sure how I fair against the AI in legendary, I think it's a good test for me, found in the McLaren in qualifying I tend to be qualifying with the top 8 usually, unless I'm not very good at the track (Monaco being one, shocked as to how I hated this track on 2010, loved it on 2011 and on 2012 I want to love it but it keeps beating me, how people get below 1:18 is beyond me at the moment, just do not feel confident)

    I do find it's all about practice though. Abu Dhabi I was probably in the 1:44 area, before I began to get used to the track and then getting my set up suited to me. Can now get a 1:40.xxx when I'm in my best and have got pole on Legendary. Just takes a lot of pushing and concentration on my behalf. Couldn't imagine being as fast as Tom Endres is!
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  15. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    at work. lol

    I haven't had as much time with the 2012 game yet... still finishing up the 2011 season with the others that are left and waiting for the patch. I'm probably only on about 30 hours of game time in 2012 so i know there is lots of room to improve.... but the urgencey isn't there thanx to the lack of the patch.
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  16. Well 1.23.2 for 2011 isn't that much better than 1.29.3 for 2012. You lose 4 seconds on 2011 and 6 seconds on 2012 from the best people. So with some more practice you'll get to your level of 2011. 2012 is still kinda new. Many people need a lot more time to get used to the new handling. :)

    Just practice some more and you'll figure it out. Good luck! :)
  17. I like how this year there is a difference in the cars, at least for me. In 2011 I could win a Caterham, now I am having a tough time in the Mercedes. Besides my rookie year in 2010, I have never won so little in my career. It's great.
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  18. Thank you for your advice. I will practice more; but it is very frustrating to finish 23.th with mclaren. Hope I can handle the others in Malaysia. However it is good to see better AI... But unfortunately a F1 game have to be a better sim...
  19. Well to be honest in the begining after the game was released even Intermediate AI was kinda tough for me mainly because i havent touched an F1 game for like what 7 months since the last time i played F1 2011 ?
    Right now after i`ve rounded a good 100+ hours into the game i can say that Legend Ai without assists is kinda slow since i am pulling over a second per lap usually .Not to mention at Q i am just destroying them if there is no bugged ai that can lap insane times.
    I also felt an out of sight bug at Monza,i was second pulling fastest laps on the track for the next couple of laps running rich fuel and fresh option tires,the ai was with worn prime tires and running lean mix atleast that what the engineer said,and doesnt matter that i am pulling 2+ faster laps than the AI the gap between me and the first car was increasing oO :) i felt like what kind of sorcery is that .The only advice i can give you right now is focus at creating your own setup which is mainly done for a race pace not a quali/tt setup which will hardcore bottleneck your perfomance at race day like playing battlefield 3 with Dual core cpu + 3 way sli 580GTX :D

  20. I believe it's a setup issue. Try a 1-1 wing setup. You have 2 good setups for Melbourne from Manalys and Viktor. Try them out.